Meet Drew

Andrew McCoy is just a guy with a blog.

Politics has fascinated me since I was a kid but mostly in the same way people watch NASCAR for the wrecks.

I’ve always been a conservative so I have no conversion moment from liberalism but I do have one for being a small government conservative….

In college I worked for a top adviser to Mario Cuomo (They knew I was a conservative and didn’t care. Plus, Mario is one of the nicest people in the world). Standing in the heart of the NYS Capital building (the Million Dollar Staircase) I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to be able to impact so many people’s lives”. A chill went down my back when I realized that I wanted to get into politics to “impact” people’s lives. Who the hell was I or anyone, no matter how good my intentions, to do that? Right then I went from being a conservative who wanted to use government to accomplish my goals to a small government conservative who wants to make government as small as possible.

I blog for fun and not-profit (though there is a tip jar or if you want to hire me I’m not for sale but I can be rented).

Actual work experience I can be hired for:

-TV/Video production. From commercials and travel shows to industrial videos and documentaries I’ve concepted, written and produced them all.

-Corporate and organizational communications.

-Event management.

-Full CV and work samples upon request.


  1. What happened to you on Twitter? Everything Ok?

  2. Hope everything is okay…miss your analysis and snark.

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