Stuff that’s too long for Twitter and doesn’t really fit at Ace of Spades.

  1. Drew, your blog is blocked by the AF firewalls.

    It’s weird that I can get to other WordPress blogs, but not yours.

  2. I really liked your LiB FAQ post at AoS. We need membership cards. Fireproof ones, preferably.

  3. Ooh, I missed the Lib FAQ post, but then Nov/Dec were kind of shitty months for me. Link, pls?

  4. Lincoln Abraham

    How Wrong can you be about Boston Marathon Bombers? You tweeted that their pics were a waste of time. Plus, you cannot admit you were wrong, therefore, you have no character and therefore, no credibility. Have a nice day.

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  6. RE: Ray Rice
    The DA could have done more but as you say there are other considerations. Rice didn’t have any other incidents against him, nothing in his record. She married him so she wouldn’t have to testify so obviously she didn’t want it to go further and didn’t want him to lose his job. So why should the DA use taxpayer money to go forward? She wasn’t asking to be “saved” and I don’t think it is the public’s (or government’s) responsibility to save someone form their poor life choices. In my opinion it is totally up to her to handle her life as she sees fit not the public’s.

    In the media’s and public’s lust to punish him, they didn’t give one thought to her and her daughter and how this would affect their lives long term. The public/media doesn’t know what goes on in the private lives of people and as horrific as it might be seeing her knocked out, it is (equally if not more so) horrific that now her husband is out of a job and being portrayed as the worst human being on the face of the earth in the public eye. Yeah that helps the family. I am sure she is so appreciative.

    So I think, given all of the circumstances, the DA tried to do what was best over all for everyone.

    No I am not excusing Rice for clocking his then girlfriend. I just know as a woman how this lynch mob attitude toward her husband will affect her. It won’t be any more positive than the punch.

    The NFL and the public disgust me. Hypocrites one and all. The only reason he was released was because of constant yammering of the media over the video. There are murderers, rapists and wife beaters playing today in the NFL. Where is all the outrage for those criminals? Why make an example out of someone that had NO previous incidents and his wife clearly didn’t want to go forward? Because we have become a nation of “We know what’s best for your private life better than you do” with a gotcha mentality all too willing to destroy someone’s life.

    Yet one of the highest paid athletes in our country has beaten 3 women and been in prison. (Mayweather) so….

    As far as I am concerned unless the public is willing to do this to ALL the criminals in sports they can save their outrage over Ray Rice.

    (sorry so long, I am not good with words the way you are and being succinct is not my strong suit)

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