Scott Walker Adds A Skull To His Throne: The GOP Consultant Class

Via Hot Air, interesting take from Walker on why Liz Mair had to go.

“One of my clear rules is, if you’re going to be on our team, whether on the paid staff or a volunteer, what I always say is you need to respect the voters,” he said. “Because really if you think about campaigns, it’s not about the candidate or the staff. It’s about the voter. It’s about how to help people’s lives be better.

“One of the things I’ve stressed … in the last few days as I’ve looked at the possibility of running is you have my firm commitment that I’m going to focus on making sure that the people on my team, should we go forward, are people who respect voters.”

We got into this on the Ace of Spades HQ Podcast last night. I won’t say it got heated but it got…loud.

The point I was making and have made before is, successful candidates don’t employ people who insult the voters they are trying to woo. Others felt that an equal or greater value is telling hecklers and the perpetually offended to shut up.

I thought Walker was right to avoid this mess and the way he’s turning it now is even better. His image is an every-man, regular guy working for you. In a way he’s turning this into a minor Sister Souljah Moment, with the righty wing of the DC profession political class (often perceived as contemptuous and dismissive of average voters) in the role of Souljah.

Is it disingenuous? Probably a little considering Walker hired Mair before and didn’t have a problem with her until it became inconvenient but that’s politics.

We’ll all forget about this in a few weeks at the latest. But even if you disagree with what Walker did initially, that he’s trying to turn it to his advantage is a good thing. Well, unless you’re a member of the perpetually aggrieved professional political class. In which case, Walker just told you to stop your whining.


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