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Ace Is VERY Wrong On Executive Amnesty


I’d help Ace bury the body if ever killed anyone. Hell, I’ve picked him up at a train station (which is just below the airport ride on the guy list of how tight you are) but he’s incredibly wrong in arguing conservatives and Republicans shouldn’t focus on stopping Obama’s executive amnesty.

Here’s the email I sent him:

I think you left something out of your post…executive amnesty isn’t just “not deporting people”, it’s giving them the benefits of legal residency.
DACA (the “deferred action” for “DREAMERS) gives them work and travel permits. If one of your arguments against amnesty is [it screws] over American workers (and I think it was), Obama’s DACA II will do that. It might be “temporary” but which Republican is going to undo it.
The argument in 2017 will be (no matter who wins)…look, they’ve been working legally here for years, we just have to pass whatever McCain writes up.
Surrendering on exec amnesty is surrendering on amnesty.

The GOP just won running in many races against this very policy. To sit back and say, “nah, not a big deal” is a betrayal of the voters who just gave you another shot to get it right. Isn’t it a little early to be talking about screwing them over?


Of Course Obama Is Going To Do Executive Amnesty Now. Here’s Why.



Matt Yeglisas says Obama’s broad executive amnesty died with last night’s election returns. So of course that makes it more likely.

I see a lot of liberals saying it’s dead but I don’t get why. Sure it would mean total war with the Congress but why wouldn’t Obama want that? He knows Boehner, McConnell and a lot of Republicans want to do an immigration deal and won’t want to go the barricades against him over it but they’ll have to (or at least be seen as doing it).

Obama would be happy to put the GOP leadership in a  box between the base that just delivered a huge election win and donors who want a return on their investment.

The only possible reason I could see him not doing it is if he thinks Team GOP is gung-ho on pushing something through on immigration and he’ll let the GOP rip itself apart over it that way. If what emerges from that blood bath is enough for him, he’ll sign it. If not, he’ll do his amnesty closer to the 2016 election to give the Dems the boost they think they lost this time.

But he’s going to do it and do it now. He knows there’s no place he’ll be able to cut deals outside of yearly Continuing Resolution fights, so what’s the downside for him if he does executive amnesty and “poisons the well” with the new GOP Congress?