The NRCC Says I Shouldn’t Vote For A Republican That Is Carrying Obama’s Baggage. So I Won’t.

NRCC: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

NRCC: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

The National Republican Campaign Committee is running an ad arguing voters in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District shouldn’t vote for Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick because she voted yes on three bills to hike the “debt ceiling” and that means she’s “carrying Obama’s baggage”.

The votes the NRCC cite are:

Roll Call Vote 48 in 2010
Roll Call Vote 30 in 3013
Roll Call Vote 61 in 2014

All Republicans voted no in the 2010 vote when Democrats had control but after that things get…tricky.

In the 2013 vote Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon (and current Chairman of the NRCC, which ran this ad) as well as then GOP Whip (and current Majority Leader) Kevin McCarthy voted yes along with Kirkpatrick. Also voting yes on this was my GOP Congressman. According to the NRCC I shouldn’t vote to reelect him because he’s carrying “Obama’s baggage”.

In the 2014 vote Walden voted no but McCarthy and other Republicans voted yes.

I’m not one to say there are no differences between the parties but the NRCC seems to think on the issue of raising the debt their isn’t one and you should vote accordingly.


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  1. We won without you, You are a shitty American DrewM. Go find some other country that you care enough to get off your ignorant ass and work to stop it from burning.

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