“Climate Change” Is The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel (Michigan Senate Race Edition)

A Democratic Senate candidate in an unexpectedly tough race in a reliably blue state is going to run on “Climate Change” with a side order of Koch brothers. And there was much rejoicing in the liberal blogosphere!

“Michigan is on the front lines of climate change with our Great Lakes and economic system. The Great Lakes are incredibly important for Michigan,” [Democratic Senate Candidate Gary] Peters said. He noted the possibility that climate change could cause “dropping lake levels,” which could have a “big economic impact,” due to harbors on the Great Lakes and the shipping that goes on there. As a result, Peters said, it’s incumbent on Land to take a stand on climate change and what she would do about it.

“This is something elected officials should be talking about — we have to be concerned about it,” Peters said. “Certainly the voters would like to know where she is. It’s a major issue. I think the science shows overwhelmingly that human activities have contributed a great deal towards climate change.”

The Great Lakes are going to be drained because of global warming, cooling, Koch brothers putting in a big straw and sucking out all the water, I don’t know and Peters doesn’t say (they never do, helps to keep their options to blame whatever weather comes up on “climate change”.)

Meanwhile in the real world.

As of April 16, 38 percent of the Great Lakes were covered in ice.

“Normally, only about 3 percent of the Great Lakes are still covered with ice at this time of year,” said [AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Brett] Anderson.

So is the planet heating up so much that Great Lakes are going to bubble away to nothing or is the planet so cold that they will freeze over for longer periods of time? It’s a trick question! It doesn’t matter, just institute more government control and raise taxes!

Someone should as Peters what he would do if elected to ensure that Harry Reid brings a climate bill to the floor. Reid has refused to that for FOUR years because it’s electoral poison to many of his red state members.

By the way, the Michigan Senate race is basically a tie at this point.


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