ObamaCare Critic Bob Laszewski: The GOP’s Healthcare Ideas Stink Too

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This is why you don’t layout plans when everyone is focused on how terrible your opponents actual policy is…people stop complaining about your opponent and start saying bad stuff about your ideas.

Bob Laszewski has been one of the right’s go to guys to critique ObamaCare. Now he’s taken a look at the GOP plans and is unimpressed with two key elements…selling insurance across state lines and Association Health Plans.

His conclusion:

I have been critical of Obamacare because it has looked to me that it was largely created by people who really didn’t understand how the insurance markets work.

Looks like Republicans and Democrats have a lot in common.

This is exactly why I railed against the GOP insisting they will have an alternative plan before November. Now when the House unveils and maybe even passes their plan the left can say, “even the guy the GOP loved to use to bash ObamaCare says their plan stinks”.

As for the dangers of not having a plan it seems clear the Democrats are willing to run that risk. Remember their plan for Alex Sink in last week’s special election was to say Democrats want to fix ObamaCare not repeal it. Well, what fixes do they want? Why hasn’t the Democratic Senate passed them? They don’t have a plan to “fix” ObamaCare because the only way to “fix” it is to blow it up. But they’ll just trot out their version of Bill Clinton on Affirmative Action, “mend don’t end” it. The media will let them get away with it in ways they wont let Republicans but the GOP should just keep saying, “ObamaCare hurts people, it has to go” over and over and over and over and over again. But no, they have to be clever and offer up a helping hand to the Democrats.

Will this prevent the GOP from winning the Senate? No. But they supposedly have bigger goals in mind and that means winning in areas where they normally wouldn’t. Giving the Democrats a target to shoot back at and change the ObamaCare conversation in some seats could be the difference between winning and a “tsunami“.

Forget the politics for a second and you’ll see the real problem here…too many Republicans don’t have a problem with government solutions to problems like health insurance. Instead of molding the market to their liking using the government they should be focused on the real problem…removing government created distortions to the market.

Repeal ObamaCare and put the decision about health insurance the responsibility for it back in the hands of individuals. That’s the only solution that will work but it doesn’t involve more government so neither party has much interest in it.


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