Why Does Yahoo! Sports Employ Someone Who Thinks Their Readers Are Racists?

I’m a hockey fan and have a few key stops everyday for my puck news…Backhand Shelf, The Hockey News, Puck Daddy and various Twitter feeds.

Well, I’ll be freeing up sometime now that Puck Daddy is off the list. Call me crazy but I’m not enamored of sites that call me a racist.

What happened is that there’s an old joke among hockey fans that people who play other sports are much softer than hockey players. And let’s be honest, there’s more than a bit of truth to it. What other sports to players routinely get stitches or lose teeth in the middle of a game and keep right on playing?

So yes, hockey fans like to tweak there fellow sports fans about stuff like that. I mean, it’s not like fans of other sports ever tweak hockey fans or anything, right?

But naturally when hockey fans make fun of LeBron James getting carried off the court for a sprained ankle, it’s obviously…racism.

Let’s be honest here, though, this all stems from the fact that hockey fans are both scared and insulted that no one will ever respect this sport. Basketball is more popular than hockey — and, again, has more black guys in it — and is thus something to be assailed; LeBron James is literally among the most naturally-gifted athletes ever to come out of another human being, and therefore the perception is that he is soft, and doesn’t work hard, and doesn’t have THE HAHT OF A CHAMPEEIN like all hockey players — except Dustin Byfuglien and Evander Kane and PK Subban, just coincidentally I’m sure — do. If he wants to be seen as tough, he better die on the court and try to keep playing as well, right?

Note that Lambert isn’t suggesting that the individuals who started the LaBron meme are doing so out of racial animus (a charge he provides ZERO evidence for by the way) but that it’s “hockey fans” writ large who assail a sport because it has more black guys in it”.

The three players named are black hockey players. Of course Lambert misses a few things….

1- Byfuglien is mostly given a hard time for his weight. That’s something no white player ever has had to deal with. Isn’t that right Kyle Wellwood?

2- PK Subban gets a lot a grief for being to showy. Again, no white hockey player has ever had to deal with that, right Artem Anissimov and Nail Yakupov?

3-  I’ll admit that I don’t know a ton about Kane’s situation other than it seems he’s a young, highly paid guy who isn’t performing up to fan expectations and fairly or not, he gets a lot of grief for it. Again, this isn’t exactly something unknown to white players (Paging at random, oh I don’t know,…Every NY Ranger free agent signing from 2000 to about 2008).

Lambert has a history of ascribing racism to vast swaths of people he has no actual knowledge of. For example this Twitter exchange with a hockey fan who happens to be a Republican.

Now that’s all fine, people have the right to be prejudiced (even if the irony overload is a bit much) but it seems a poor business decision for Yahoo! Sports to employ a person who consider his entire audience to be racist.

Now I’m sure Lambert would say not all hockey fans are racists, why it’s likely some of his best friends are hockey fans but he couldn’t be bothered to build a factual case to back up his claim. It’s impossible to take him or anyone who employ him seriously so I won’t. The internet is a big place and life is too short for idiots and their enablers.


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I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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  1. I stopped going to Puck Daddy before the Olympics when every third post was whining about homosexuals in Russia and the impact on the upcoming games. Never went back, I was looking for hockey talk not progressive politics.

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