Why Huckabee Said What He Said

Mike Huckabee decided to talk about the “war on women” libidos and birth control. Just as surely as night follows day all hell broke loose.

My bottom line…MSNBC originally misreported what Huck said and what Huck said was stupid.

For me the biggest problem with Huckabee’s theme (and there are many) is that while he’s sort of right about how the Dems view/market to women, women themselves don’t see the Dems condescending to them, at least not women who aren’t already conservatives.

If the Democrats message is as condescending as Huckabee insists or is seen by women that way it wouldn’t work. But it is working.

What Republicans can’t do is win indy/lib women over by talking to them about a problem (the way Dems talk to them) that they don’t actually see. Republicans just sound like out of touch idiots.

The real question is, why is this ground Huck wants to attack on? Why libido and birth control, even in the guise of going after Democrats? Republicans should refute the “war on women and birth control” by saying, “it’s nonsense that we care about your sex life and birth control. What we really care about are….economics, opportunity, blah, blah. blah”.

The reason Huck went to libido and birth control is because that’s exactly the fight he and his supporters want to have. He’s just trying to find a better way to have it.

So yes, attack the media for their predictable distortions and lies but don’t let Huckabee off the hook.


About Drew

I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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