Why Are So Many Sports Writers Annoying? Here’s My Theory.

So many sports writers/broadcasters come off as arrogant assholes.

Skip Bayless is the nearly Platonic ideal of the genre. And the Seahawks Richard Sherman took him down a peg or six on Bayless’ own show.

But why do so many people who make their living covering sports and athletes seem to have such a love/hate relationship with both?

I think the reason so many sports writers/announcers come off as jerks is they get into the business young and think it’s cool (since they can’t actually play themselves). Pretty quickly they realize they are writing about people their own age or younger who play a game and make a ton of money doing it. This leads to a problem…these writers/broadcasters are very important and bright people who are covering a rather frivolous thing done by inferior (in their minds) people. To reconcile this disconnect, they must at once elevate sports to a higher societal meaning (since smart people like them are writing about it must be important) while at the same time diminishing the people who are doing the actual thing (jocks can’t be more important than someone with a Ivy League degree in English!).

They cover a world they simultaneously celebrate and despise. Worst of all, they will never truly be a part of it, they will never be “one of the boys”.

It really seems to drive them nuts.


About Drew

I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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  1. You are over thinking it. Sport personalities, Bayless and many like him, were perfecting the art of the troll before it was popular. They have discovered that you get talked about more when you take extreme positions. I’m not a fan of deadspin, but they’ve nailed ESPN on this topic for awhile now.

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