Quick Hits: Christie’s Bridgegate, McConnell More Conciliatory To Democrats Than Conservatives. Corporatists For Amnesty.

1. Bridgegate Gets Closer To Christie

Senior Chris Christie aides are clearly tied to lane closures on the Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge that were ordered for purely political reasons. Why did Christie’s aides distrupt the lives of NJ commuters who were just trying to get to work? Because the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee didn’t endorse Christie.

If politicians want to play games with each other, well, that’s just a fact of life that many of the people drawn to politics are pathetic human beings. But abusing their power and making innocent citizens pawns in their games? That’s beyond the pale.

I doubt that this will seriously hurt Christie but it will lay the groundwork for future attacks on a guy I don’t want anywhere near the GOP nomination, let alone the White House.

Republicans and conservatives have spend years attacking Obama’s corrupt “Chicago politics” and “Gangster Government”. Only party hacks will defend this sort of abuse simply because the guy doing it has an “R” after his name.

Christie seems to embody the worst of the last two GOP nominees…McCain’s petty nastiness and Romney’s Northeast liberalism. What could go wrong with combing the two.

2. Mitch McConnell promises to respond to Harry Reid’s provocations with concessions to Democrats.

McConnell gave a big speech on the Senate floor today about how the Senate is broken and how he’d fix it as majority leader.

Short version:

So the sum total of the GOP’s retaliation to Reid is going to be a McConnell speech and a promise to Democrats that if they find themselves in the minority soon, not to worry, the GOP will be nice to them and let them gum up the works.

I’d like to think he’s lying but I don’t. There’s a strain of thinking that infects many in the GOP with the notion that if they are just nice to Democrats the Democrats will stop hitting them and the media will like them. In reality, Democrats are playing football and the GOP promises to play golf in a very gentlemanly way.

McConnell’s speech and willingness to be nicer to Democrats than he is to conservatives who cross him. That’s pretty telling.

No doubt today’s speech will be widely praised from one end of the Beltway to the other. After all who among us is not stirred by the fierce battle cry of: Elect More Republican Senators And Restore Comity To The Upper Chamber!

It’s not a question of tactics, it’s a question of priorities. Count me among the rabble on Team Cruz.


3. US Chamber Of Commerce Dedicated To Passing Amnesty

Not really news but a reminder that for all the talk from Obama, The Chamber of Commerce isn’t conservative, it’s the heart of corporatism. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will “pull out all the stops” to get immigration reform passed this year and oppose Tea Party Republicans in congressional primaries if they’re not sufficiently pro-business.

Those were the two takeaways from Wednesday’s State of American Businessaddress by Tom Donohue, the chamber’s president and CEO. This annual speech is the business community’s equivalent of the president’s State of the Union address, and a packed house was on hand to hear it at the chamber’s headquarters, which is located on other side of Lafayette Park from the White House.

The Chamber is donating heavily to “moderate” Republicans  like the ones supported by the liberals at The Republican Main Street Partnership.

In the past the Chamber supported Obama’s so-called “stimulus” plan.

You know who else supports amnesty, The Main Street Partnership and the “stimulus“? Big labor.

Business and labor may have their differences but they are more than happy to work together to screw over conservatives and enrich themselves with public money.


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