ObamaCare: Normalizing Government Dependency

ObamaCare is succeeding in one very real way for liberals…making more people dependent upon the government.

Already the nation’s largest health-care program, Medicaid is being expanded and reshaped by the law to cover a wider array of people.

Among them will be many who consider themselves middle class — people such as Sandy Kush, who initially bristled when she learned that she would be joining a program she had always thought of as being only for the poor.

“Maybe it’s like a shame thing. I was raised middle-class. I own my house. It just seems like not me,” said Kush, 49, an unemployed medical transcriptionist in Naperville, Ill., who said she would have preferred to buy a private health plan with the help of a federal subsidy.


The millions losing their private insurance isn’t a policy problem for liberals, it’s their goal. It’s only a problem for them in that it’s a short term political hit that is putting them on the defensive. The more people who eventually lose private insurance they pay for  themselves that turn to Medicaid or federally subsidized plans, the better it is in the long term for the liberal project.



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