It’s Imperative For Conservatives Who Want To Move The GOP To The Right That Matt Bevin Defeat Mitch McConnell

Let me start out by saying a few things I like about Mitch McConnell…

His dedication to the First Amendment is outstanding and in stark contrast to a lot of politicians, including Republicans.

He’s done a good job as Minority Leader. He’s mostly held his caucus together and he’s done what he could where he could to advance conservative policies.

I would not have picked him as a target of the effort to push the GOP to the right. I think this is far too personal between Jim DeMint and his supporters and McConnell. Moving the GOP to the right has to be about business and personal fights are bad for business.

That said, if you care about putting pressure on the GOP from the right, McConnell has to go. The fight is ill conceived in my opinion but once made, it has to be won.

The GOP “establishment” (as always, for want of a better term) is feeling pretty good about the recent push-back against conservative insurgents and interest groups trying to force the GOP to match its actions and words. The only way to get the GOP back in its box is to actually take some of them out.

If your main weapon to keep officeholders in line is mobilizing voters against them in primaries, you have to actually deliver votes against them. If targeted members win even though they are voting against the interests of conservatives, the fear will be gone. The leftward drift we’ve seen from the House this year will only get worse and Senate Republicans will know the leash has been removed and a full-fledged stampede to “moderation” and “bi-partisanship” will ensue.

Once threats are made and challenges issued, no matter how ill-advised some might be, the only option is victory.

Denying profligate spender Thad Cochran renomination in Mississippi or ensuring that Rob Maness defeats “establishment” choice Bill Cassidy in Louisiana would be great news, it won’t have the same impact as defeating the incumbent Senate Minority Leader.

Notice  I haven’t said anything about McConnell’s challenger Matt Bevin. I honestly don’t know anything about him. Ideally politics is about issues and candidates but sometimes it’s just about tactics. The McConnell-Bevin race is about much more than the GOP nomination for Senate in Kentucky. It’s a proxy fight that is greater than either of the candidates individually.

I think it’s the wrong fight at the wrong time but as the saying goes, ”When you strike at a king you must kill him.” Do that and you will do a great deal to ensure that the GOP is responsive to the right.  Fail in this fight and the forces of moderation and compromise in the GOP will be emboldened.


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  1. Personally, I’d disagree. If McConnell hasn’t really done anything wrong and he’s still getting a semi-plausible primary, that destroys any leverage conservative groups may have.

    “Do what we say, or we’ll remove you.”

    “You’ll try to remove me anyway.”

    That’s also why the challenges to Enzi and Cornyn are moronic. They have more-or-less flawless conservative records, and someone still thinks about taking them out.

  2. midwestconservative

    Enzi and Cornyn do not have “Flawless” records in the least. Cornyn was a terrible NRSC chairman who at one time flubbed a question on whether or not he backed the GOP nominee for Senate or the Write-In candidate who lost the primary.
    Enzi supports a brand new tax that quite possibly is Unconstitutional. And for one he’s freaking old, he’s nothing but a benchwarmer. I want leaders, and I want them in more then just the front bench.
    Drew was far too kind to Mitch McConnell. Mitch the Knife has generally opposed any effort by Conservatives to restore fiscal sanity to DC. Including Earmarks.
    McConnell did help get Sequester passed and was bragging about it. It’s the one thing that might’ve saved him among Conservatives, but then he did absolutely nothing to stop Paul Ryan from gutting it and raising taxes again.
    Drew is being too nice when he says Mitch has been a “good minority leader”
    It’s time for someone else. The only way that happens is if we deny McConnell renomination.
    Cornyn will likely win since his primary opponent is a moron. And he’d likely succeed Mitch, I can live with that.

  3. midwestconservative

    I think backing Maness is stupid though. I mean if the Primary were different, like the same as other states I could deal with it.
    But the primary takes place on Election day and the runoff is a few weeks after. Maness is going to be running hardcore when he should be running as if he’s already got the nomination. And Cassidy will have to start doing the same to survive when both should be targeting Landrieu. This isn’t a Republican Primary. This is essentially the General Election with three candidates and the top two make it to the runoff.

  4. midwestconservative

    I honestly don’t know why some of these groups haven’t gone after Alexander, his record in TN is terrible. It’s worse then McConnell.
    He’s known as a Rockefeller Republican among many activists down there ( sure he’s more conservative then the Rocks of the past, but that has to do with the fact he’s in TN)
    Maybe it’s because State Representative Joe Carr has said some dumb things. And he was originally running for Congress before dramatically switching races.
    Kevin Kookegey should’ve run in my opinion. But he backed out to avoid “tea party infighting” as he called it. Unity to beat the “establishment” as it were.
    I also don’t understand why nobody has endorsed in either Georgia (an open race) or South Carolina. Lindsey Graham should be target numero uno. Or at least dos if McConnell is Public Enemy No. 1
    But I suppose SCF just wants Lindsey to irritate us over the next six years.

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