The Problem With The GOP’S, “Cave Now, Win Later” Promises

Republicans are rejoicing that Paul Ryan has cut a deal with Patty Murray to end the fighting with the Obama Administration over the budget for the next two years.

Generally an opposition party does not celebrate giving up a hammer with which to beat up the majority it is opposing but the GOP is an inept and dysfunctional organization.

Let me run through a number of reason why this deal is no cause for celebration.

In 2010 the GOP rallied from the dead because of a national uprising over Democratic overreach after two years in control of both the White House and Congress. This was a gift given to a party that had been run out of any power and thought to be headed for a long trip into the wilderness.

The Budget Control Act of 2011 was the GOP’s victory over Obama and the Democrats. It was the tangible (though imperfect) sign that the GOP “got it” and was going to mend the ways that led to it being turned out in 2008.

Now, a scant two years after demonstrating that maybe, just maybe the GOP was worth a second look from voters in the future, they have tossed away their one positive legislative victory (as opposed to simply not passing something Obama wanted).

And they are celebrating it!

Yes, the apologists will say, we had to cut this deal so that we can win the Senate in the future And then the White House! And then, boy then, we’ll be a budget slashing machine!

But why would anyone believe it? The GOP is running around now saying how great it is that they are spending more. When they were in power, along with a Republican Senate and President, they spent through the roof (their outrageous spending habits only seem mild when you compare them to the Reid-Pelosi-Obama years). When they had the hammer of the sequester they…spent more.

You can rest assured that once the GOP wins all the elections they tell you they need, they won’t cut a thing. In fact, they’ll spend more. There’s always another mid-term coming up and a Republican President to reelect. The excuses to spend will always be there. And let’s be honest, they don’t need an excuse to spend, they WANT to spend your money. It’s fun, it’s political profitable and it’s a sure way to land a cushy post-congressional gig at a lobbying firm.

You’re free to believe the GOP’s promises about how tough they will be once they are returned to power but I think it’s pretty clear that their actions tell a different story.

If you buy into their promises, you will have no one to blame but yourself when they inevitably break those promises.

Republicans are lying to conservatives, like the scorpion, it’s their nature. You don’t have to give them a chance to sting you. I fear many will fall for the “but the Democrats are worse!” excuse. That unfortunately is the nature of too many self-described conservatives.

So go ahead and keep supporting a party that cheers on members who break their promises. Vote for people who will say what you want to hear but act in direct opposition to what you want. Just don’t wonder why government keeps growing, debt keeps being added and the economy crawls along.

The problem isn’t the politicians, it’s the voters who let them get away with it.

Are you?


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