Defining Down The Success Of HealthCare.Gov

Barack Obama promised using would be like using Kayak or Amazon.

After 6 weeks of crashes, downtime and general dysfunction, Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the entire ObamaCare system, has a new idea how the vaunted website will work for people desperate for health insurance

But let’s talk about the Web site being available means. It doesn’t necessarily mean people can do everything they need to on the Web site. It means they can shop effectively. The important thing for the Web site is for people to be able to comparison-shop across their options.

They can then get on the phone and enroll. So I think the main thing is that, by the end of November, early December, people need to be able to effectively comparison-shop on this Web site. Otherwise, those cancellations for January, they will have to find some way to extend them a month or two until the Web site can be made to work better.

Browse online and then call someone to actually buy the product. Why it’s just like Amazon!


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