Jennifer Rubin: Don’t Reward The Defunder Nut Jobs With Donations. John Boehner: Hey We’re Going To Defund ObamaCare, How About Throwing Us Some Coin?

The problem for a hack like Jennifer Rubin is she occasionally tries to think for herself instead of waiting for the approved talking points from the people she is so eager to please. This sometimes creates trouble because she’s not very bright.

Jennifer Rubin this morning:

You have to laugh at the brazen greed of outside groups egging the Republicans toward a suicidal leap.

Heritage Action, following today’s House vote, sent out –surprise, surprise–a fundraising e-mail imploring conservatives to send them money. “Moments ago, the U.S. House voted to permanently defund Obamacare and simultaneously fund the government. Today’s vote is a victory for the American people, who made their voices heard during the August recess. . . .Thank you for standing up to the big-government special interests who are profiting off Obamacare.” Oh, and DONATE says the big red button below that. You can imagine that those donations may go to vilifying or even to primary any Republican who steps out of line.

The reality is that not even a majority of Senate Republicans are willing to shut down the government and there are only about two dozen hard-core cranks in the House who have not been able to figure out what is going on. It is the army of self-interested self-interest groups and gadflies like Cruz trying to drive the GOP bus over the cliff.

The way to stop this? Donors: Stop donating to them. Members: Stop listening to them. And conservative and mainstream media: Report accurately what they are up to. Then the GOP might get off suicide watch and move a conservative agenda.

She also called out Freedom Works and the Senate Conservative Fund for fundraising while driving the GOP to suicide.

That’s when things get….awkward.


They are even buying Google Ads for it.

RNCC google Ad

Rubin used to be more careful and waited for instructions.

Lesson learned: Check you inbox Jen before hitting “publish”.


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