The More I Think About It, The More The Boehner/Cantor “Delay” Strategy Seems Like A Scam

A couple of things occurred to me after writing this post this morning.

If the debt ceiling is a stronger hammer to use on Obama than the Continuing Resolution, why not use it to push for full repeal?

We haven’t seen the official language yet but people keep talking about “delaying” the Affordable Care Act for “a year”. “A year” is September/October 2014. If the delay plan is supposed to leverage predicted gains in the Senate, what good is delaying it a year? Don’t we really need to delay it more like 18 months? Otherwise it will go into full effect before the hoped for reinforcements come.

How can we be sure that the hike in the debt ceiling will be perfectly timed to allow the GOP to use it again next year/early 2015? Or is that not the plan and the delay plan requires passing a clean CR that will expire at the same time the delay in the ACA expires? And if that’s the case, how can we take them seriously when they say they will pick a CR fight next year after refusing to do so to date (and arguing that it would be disastrous)?

My concern has always been that Obama will yield on a one-year delay in order to try and ensure that the roll out isn’t the disaster it’s shaping up to be. He’ll then spend the next year insisting that Republicans help him fix it, while blaming them for keeping millions of people from getting coverage (or for not having any since so many people are about to be dumped by their employers into exchanges that will be delayed).

I don’t think there’s much chance of getting delay or defund passed but I’d rather have a straight up fight to provide contrast going into 2014 (I’d also try and force Obama to implement the ACA as written by eliminating all the carveouts, side deals and waivers).

The more I think about it, the more it seems Boehner/Cantor are more interested in scamming conservatives than fighting Obama.


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