Delaying ObamaCare Makes No Sense

Some Republicans are in a tizzy because there are conservatives who think the best way to get rid of ObamaCare is…to get rid of ObamaCare.

In order to not to be seen as completely outside the conservative camp many of these folks have decided that they will float the idea that ObamaCare should be delyaed by a year as part of the upcoming CR debt ceiling fight. Here’s an example of the case they make.

Rather than defunding Obamacare through the continuing resolution, one House leadership source says, “there is a growing sense that the more effective route would be using the debt limit and sequestration to achieve targeted strikes on the law, such as delays of various components.”

The case for including Obamacare in upcoming budget and debt negotiations is strong. The law is in trouble. The White House understands this. The president can pretend, as he did in his weekly address last week, that it’s just Republicans pointing out the mounting challenges to the reforms. It’s not. Those responsible for implementing various elements of the law are worried, too. Some of them—including officials at HHS, Treasury, and the IRS—have said so in meetings with stakeholders who are trying to shape the regulations flowing from the law. And it was the Obama administration that announced the delay in the implementation of the employer mandate. There are other parts of the law that ought to be delayed, too.

If ObamaCare programs are not ready to go and on-schedule implementation will result in “chaos”, why exactly should conservatives give Obama another year to get things in shape? Having forced a delay on the grounds that the law as written is badly flawed, won’t the GOP open themselves up to charges that they now must work to “fix” it? And if the roll out of ObamaCare will be such a disaster, isn’t that the second best outcome? Let people see what a mess it is and build public support for total repeal? Of course, the real pressure will again be to “fix” it or move to a single payer system, but that’s another post.

Now that it appears the House GOP leadership (motto: We’re always just one more surrender away from victory) doesn’t want to fight on the CR because the fallout would be to painful, we’re supposed to believe that they are going to use the much bigger hammer of the debt ceiling. Well, if you are going to use a bigger hammer, why not go for a bigger goal? The implications of not raising the debt ceiling are much greater than a temporary government shutdown. Shouldn’t that mean going for the commensurately large goal?

Here’s the dirty little secret…the GOP is not in a million years going to let the debt ceiling expire. They will take something far less, chained CPI maybe, for it. Don’t let them fool you with their tough talk. They took ObamaCare repeal away when they decoupled it from the CR fight.

The only way ObamaCare will be delayed in part (the subsidies will start on time, just watch) is if Obama thinks it’s better to give in on that to buy some time than to stand firm and risk it faltering next year. Part of him may even be ok with it flailing out of the box. If by some chance the House flips back to the Democrats (which a no delay or defund outcome could lead to if GOP pushes amnesty) then he will have the chance to double down and push for a single payer system that he and most liberals really want.

Here’s the question supporters of delay never answer…suppose you win and get your delay, then what? We’re right back here next year. The only thing that has changed is Obama will have had another year to get ready. Sure the GOP might hold the House and win the Senate but not with veto/filibuster proof margins. Obama isn’t going to agree to a series of delays that might outlast him and give the GOP the chance to kill it after 2016. So what’s the end game for supporters of delay?

That they don’t have one should tell you all you need to know about who is serious about fighting ObamaCare and who isn’t.






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