Illegal Immigrant Sob Stories

ICYMI, a GOP Congressman got hit wit a question from an 11 year old girl about what the Congressman could do to prevent her father from being deported.

The GOP needs to come up with a strategy for dealing with what will no doubt be a recurring tactic.

Here’s my suggestion…remind people that being anti-amnesty doesn’t mean you’re indifferent to the suffering of people. We just reserve our concern and care for different people…..

US citizens break the law and get separated from their kids all the time. Not sure why we’re supposed to feel worse for kids of illegal immigrants than we do those kids who are punished for things they didn’t do.

People who are waiting years to come here legally and be reunited with their families deserve our sympathy. The also deserve a legal immigration system that isn’t bogged down by processing the claims of millions of people who jumped the line and came here illegally.

We should remember the kids of parents who have had their identity stolen by illegal immigrants or brokers who cater to illegals. It must be awful for a child when your parents are stressed by being the victim of a crime, have to spend a lot of money to get their good name back or can’t buy a house or a car because someone has wrecked their credit history.

And mostly we should remember the children of Americans who can’t find work or make less money than they would otherwise because millions of illegal aliens are taking jobs from their parents or driving their wages down.

So while I’m not unsympathetic to this young girl’s fears, she’s not the only one with skin in the game. Maybe we could occasionally remember the people her dad and people like him are hurting.


Added: One thing about the video….the crowd cheers. Don’t do that. It’s not happy time when families are broken up. The little girl didn’t do anything wrong, her father did. That she’s scared and sad is terrible. Enforcing the law is necessary and right but it’s rarely a cause for joy. Criminals leave wreckage in their wake.


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