Egypt On The Brink Of Civil War…A Longer And Wider View

If it’s not already a civil war, it’s pretty damn close.

The Egyptian Health Ministry said late in the day more than 600 people had died when security forces Wednesday razed two protest camps in Cairo and routed demonstrators calling for the reinstatement of Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted July 3.

The Interior Ministry warned police were authorized to use lethal force to protect themselves and promised to punish “terrorist actions and sabotage,” The New York Times reported.

The warning came after the offices of the governor of Giza were set afire. Hundreds of protesters marched in Alexandria, confronting police. The main highway circling Cairo also was blocked, the Times said.

The call for ending US aid (which would be inconsequential to Egypt as the Saudis and other Gulf nations would fill the gap in about 3 minutes) are once again ramping up.

Here’s the thing…I don’t really care.

The Muslim Brotherhood are the bad guys, right? The ones that support terrorists, planned on turning Egypt into a one party, increasingly Islamic state, and the ones who are burning Coptic churches.

We’re seeing some very old currents play out in the Mideast. There’s the never ending Sunni-Shia civil war and the Islamists vs. secularists fight playing out in Syria and Egypt.

The fight in Egypt is a long time in the making. The Muslim Brotherhood has spent half a century waiting to take over Egypt. Having won it at the ballot box only to lose it to a military coup, there interest in a political settlement is going to be zero and they aren’t just going to go away. Better to have the fight now and try and influence the winner (likely the army) later. Calling for an end to fighting or kneecapping the army doesn’t solve anything.

You can hit Obama for not “passivity” but really he shouldn’t be doing anything right now. The right hit on him is that his egomaniacal belief that his words and presence would be enough to quiet and soothe these real battle lines was immature and ridiculous.


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