BuzzFeed’s Race Baiting

BuzzFeed does what liberals often do, reduce  serious arguments to race.

Subtle right? No need to deal in complexities but no one expects much more from Team Listicle.

Of course this only goes one way. You’ll never see  a headline like this at BuzzFeed or anywhere (nor should you because a policy position shouldn’t be reduced to the race of a Representative or their constituents):

Lawmakers Who Really Oppose Food Stamp Reform Come From Really Black Districts

But if you did, you’d see a link to this Congressional Black Caucus Statement.

On behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Americans we represent, we oppose devastating cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and urge you to consider our strong opposition to any SNAP benefit cuts as the House Agriculture Committee reauthorizes the Farm Bill.  More than 46 million needy Americans depend on SNAP for nutrition.  Families with children account for nearly 75 percent of SNAP participants and more than 25 percent of SNAP households include seniors or people with disabilities.  As the conscience of the Congress, we will not allow the budget to be balanced on the backs of the poor and most vulnerable.

Jobless, homeless and hunger rates continue to increase.  These rates are disproportionately higher in urban, suburban and rural communities where minorities and low-income Americans reside.  SNAP is an essential lifeline for these Americans and others struggling to make ends meet.

We urge you to consider this letter and the people we represent as you reauthorize the Farm Bill.  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is not the program to cut at a time when Americans across the country are in considerable need.

And then there’d be a cutesy graphic showing that some members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who really don’t want to see Food Stamps cut (wink-wink) represent districts that are overwhelmingly black (nudge-nudge).

majority AA districts

Now this is from last year and some of the district/Representatives may have changed somewhat (like Jackson Jr and Steve Cohen wasn’t allowed to join the CBC because he’s white) but you get the idea. I’m not spending time finding something more up to date because it’s an idiotic notion and I’m just trying to prove a point about BuzzFeed’s dive into racial politics. Maybe someday I’ll get that crazy LolCat money and hire a hack to do my Google busy work for me but until then you see the point.

So yes, it’s true some amnesty opponents come from white districts but that alone doesn’t account for their opposition. Of course BuzzFeed will say they never claimed it did. That’s true. They are just counting on their barely literate audience to make the connection. No doubt they will.

Long live the tyranny of the low information voter and racial arsonists!


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  1. They don’t actually connect the dots; they just put the dots right next to each other.

  2. Wrong formulation, in Reverse Buzzfeed Speak It’s not “Lawmakers Who Really Oppose Food Stamp Reform…”

    It’s “Lawmakers Who Oppose Ending Food Stamp Fraud Come From Really Black Districts.”

  3. The problem is, lib’ruls only have one point of view. Theirs.
    Everyone who disagrees is ignored or irrelevant.

  4. This is a bizarre article – as it has a title (check) and then goes totally sideways and never addresses the real question (check). It isn’t really all that hard to understand, there are fewer African Americans in the Congress and all but 12 of the Congressional GOP who voted for ending TANF. And that is followed by with a small but requite number of responses. I understand that reading and math is really hard – but the group think process here is remarkable. At least one member that the author lists is, ah, you know, not in Congress any longer…and blogger’s don’t seem to care about facts. Minus me, the consensus appears to be be that all African American’s who are recipients of TANF are guilty of fraud – the reality is that 47 M people are recipients of TANF – are they all African American’s? No other racial demographic is a recipient?

  5. So, the Democrats admit that poverty increased under Obama? Great.

  6. Lawrence Schreiber

    Common sense, logic and following the Constitution have been replaced with gender bias, race bias and sexual orientation bias. Even our justice system is infected with these bias’ so just don’t come before the bench or you just might not get justice.

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