Super “Reporter” Matt Boyle Misses The Real Story

Matt Boyle has another breathless bit of idiocy today…ObamaCars (sorry, no links for sensationalist hit whores).

Breitbart News has learned there is a provision included in the immigration bill that could be used to give free cars, motorcycles, scooters or other vehicles to young people around the country over a period of 15 months after the bill passes.  The new provision is a result of the latest addition to the Corker-Hoeven amendment, which is essentially an entirely new version of the bill.

The proof for this?

(1) IN GENERAL.—The funds made available under this section shall be used—
(A) to provide summer employment opportunities for low-income youth, with direct linkages to academic and occupational learning, and may be used to provide supportive services, such as transportation or child care, that is necessary to enable the participation of such youth in the opportunities.

But here’s the story Scoop Boyle missed…if “transportation” support means “cars, motorcycles or scooters” (what, no bikes, Segways or rickshaws?) then clearly “child care” means, “live in nannies”! God I wish I had a kid so I could get me a hot Swedish ObamaAuPair!

BTW, according to this link via Jon Henke, supportive transportation services means a…bus pass.

But the hot ObamaNannies are still on, right?

I wonder if Boyle’s “GOP Senate source” for this is the same one the tipped them off about Chuck Hagel’s “Friends of Hamas”?

FTR- I defended Breitbart against the whole “Friends of Hamas” thing because every outlet has run with bad info. But if you keep doing it, running with sensationalist but incorrect information isn’t a one off mistake, it’s a business plan.


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