The Folly Of Corker-Hoeven’s Approach To Border Security

Having killed the Cornyn “hard trigger” amendment today, the Senate is likely to move on to the fig leaf of Corker-Hoeven. Having removed the triggers tying improved border security and once again killed the long “required” bi0-metric entry/exit system, the Senate may pass a huge expansion of the US Border Patrol.

In an interview Monday night, Hoeven said, “For all of the people that they identify coming across the border, you’ve got to capture or turn back 90 percent of those folks…and only then can you go from Registered Provisional Immigrant to green card status.”

“You have to have not only the plan in place but the metric has to be met, prior to going to green card status,” Hoeven added.

Now, it appears that has changed. “The 90 percent is gone,” says a Senate aide familiar with the amendment. “In its stead is the doubling of the Border Patrol.” The amendment will propose adding about 20,000 new Border Patrol agents to the existing force of about 20,000, which amendment supporters say will result in an enormous improvement in border security.

First of all, it wasn’t too long ago that expanding the Border Patrol was too expensive according to Gang of 8 member Lindsey Graham. Now doubling it is going to be ok? My guess is that additional agents, like the entry/exit system, will be “authorized” but the money will never be “appropriated”.

But even if the agents show up, will doubling the force actually matter? History says….not so much. Remember we passed an amnesty bill in 1986 for 3 million people, now we’re talking in the range of 11 million. In that time (at least starting in 1993) the Border Patrol has grown five fold.

Source: US Border Patrol (pdf)

Source: US Border Patrol (pdf) (click to enlarge)

This is why Democrats didn’t want the Cornyn amendment to pass. They know securing the border is going to be very hard work and take a good long time. They want their “path to citizenship” no matter what happens on the border.

None of this is a compromise between amnesty and border security supporters, it’s simply amnesty.


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