Jan Brewer…ObamaCare Stooge

"I swear Mr. President, I will do whatever it takes to pass your Medicaid expansion plan here in Arizona"

“I swear Mr. President, I will do whatever it takes to pass your Medicaid expansion plan here in Arizona”

When last we saw Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, she was vetoing every piece of legislation the Republican controlled legislature passed until they agreed to her budget which included expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare.

Since that didn’t work she’s now doing an end run around the GOP majorities in the legislature to pass the state’s ObamaCare plan.

Fed up with weeks of debate and delay on her top legislative priority, Gov. Jan Brewer called lawmakers into an unprecedented special session late Tuesday, bypassing the leadership of her own party to push through Medicaid expansion and the 2014 budget.

The governor’s surprise move comes after House Speaker Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, adjourned until Thursday, stalling efforts by a bipartisan House coalition to pass Brewer’s 2014 budget and Medicaid expansion.

State law gives Brewer the authority to call a special session whenever she chooses. The only requirement is that she specify the topics of the session and not deviate from them, said election attorney Tom Ryan.

At least eight to 10 House Republicans are expected to join the chamber’s 24 Democrats in support of expansion, a coalition that has been loosely organized for months.

Basically by calling the legislature into special session, Brewer is forcing them to vote on her proposals and enabling a minority of Republicans to join with the Democrats to pass ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.

What this amounts to is what Boehner does routinely to pass things a majority of his caucus doesn’t support…let liberal Republicans and Democrats take charge.

Naturally Republican leaders in the state House and Senate aren’t amused by Brewer’s tactics.

“This evening, Governor Brewer summoned legislators to convene a special session to address the FY14 budget and Medicaid expansion. The special session was called without any consultation with Senate or House leadership, and was designed to commence at the precise moment it was conveyed. We are disappointed and stunned that the Governor and her staff would resort to such an unnecessary, impulsive and unprecedented tactic.”

“Since the beginning of the session, Senate and House leadership have made the budgetary process a top priority. Additionally, the debate regarding the full implementation of Obamacare in Arizona was already fully under way. In fact, these two specific items have not only consistently been a top legislative focus, but the other essential bills of the legislature have also been moving through our respective chambers. Instead of allowing the process to proceed in an orderly manner, the Governor made the impetuous decision to intercede and collude with the democrat minority in order to force an expedited vote on her sole legislative priority of Obamacare.”

“We are frustrated and bewildered by her overt hostility and disregard for the budgetary process which was already well under way. The blatant disrespect and reckless practices exhibited by this Executive are less than what was expected of her and more than should be tolerated.”

Funny how “conservatives” often move left but liberals never do.

Remember, it’s never over until the liberals win.


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