Riding High On The Offense Against Obama Over Benghazi, HHS, And The IRS, The House GOP Decides To Turn Its Attention To…Abortion?

Via Noah Rothman, the timing of this seems particularly ill-conceived.

The House will vote next week on a bill banning abortions across the country after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

“The trial of Kermit Gosnell exposed late abortions for what they really are: relocated infanticide,” Franks said in a recent statement. “I pray we use this as a ‘teachable moment,’ in the words of President Obama, and can agree that, at the very least, we are better than dismembering babies who can feel every excruciating moment.”

Though the bill is expected to pass given that the House Republican majority is largely opposed to abortion, it is likely to spark ire among some moderate Republicans in vulnerable districts for whom the vote could be politically damaging either way.

While I’m sympathetic with the goal, abortion isn’t the issue that primarily motivates me. I understand there are people who think stopping abortion is the most important, if not the only issue, I think this hurts in the long run.

First, you just know there’s going to be some Congressman who says something stupid and that will be the focus of the whole debate. No, that’s not a reason to never try and pass anti-abortion legislation but maybe a timeout is in order given the recent past.

As John McCormick points out, this type of legislation is much more popular than rape/incest exceptions. True but we all know this will quickly become another WAR ON WOMEN fight. It seems now is not the time to revisit that when the GOP is actually shedding that image and making headway against the scandal plagued Obama administration.

Politically the Democrats are on the run for the first time in 2 years. This will rally their demoralized based.

If the bill had any chance in the Senate or the White House you could argue for it but now you’re just saying we should throw away real gains to what end? Making a point everyone knows? It’s not a mystery the GOP is the pro-life party. No policy will change and no votes will move. But we’ll distract from all the scandals that have been working for the GOP for months.

As CAC points out via email, polling shows the GOP is cutting down on its truly awful numbers for the first time in awhile (pdf).

approval of the Republican party at
-9, Democratic party at +2.

That’s up significantly for the GOP, down dramatically for the
Democrats. That is more importance than the President’s numbers. The
scandals, including Benghazi, are all viewed by majorities as a big

R approval January: -23 rise of 14 pts

D approval January: +17 drop of 15 pts

So much for #overreach

Holder’s #…. are only better than the IRS’

Note the GOP isn’t actually popular, it’s just not as unpopular as it has been. Is that too much success for the party to handle? And they immediately have to go back to the issues that created the image that made it so unpopular in the first place?

Note I’m not saying abortion or so-cons make the GOP unpopular, I’m saying the way the GOP handled abortion related issues in the recent past (and was portrayed by the MFM) didn’t work out very well. Maybe a pause to rebuild some goodwill, re-evaluate how to talk about these issue and actually accomplishing somethings people care about is a better strategic approach than a messaging bill that will not stop a single abortion.

It comes down to what you think the best way to advance the pro-life cause is. A bill that will go nowhere or discrediting the liberal model of government to such an extent that more pro-life Senators and a pro-life President can be elected and actually make this bill a law?

You may want this to be “the hill to die on” but if you die on a hill and lose, you can’t keep fighting. Right now we are in the process of killing the Democrats on the hill they have to fight or die on…Obama’s administration. This just isn’t the time to shift fire for no gain other than feeling better about ourselves.


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  1. “Note the GOP isn’t actually popular, it’s just not as unpopular as it has been. Is that too much success for the party to handle?” And the answer is yes.

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