An Open Letter To Speaker Boehner…Shut It Down

Speaker Boehner, 

The revelations about the corruption and abuses of power within in the Obama administration has shown one thing very clearly…Obama has not taken care that the laws of the United States be faithfully executed.

There will be calls from the right for impeachment proceedings but we all know that is not and should not be on the table.  Simple math shows that the President will not be impeached and convicted. In fact trying to do so is folly. He will become a martyr to the left and his ultimate acquittal will only vindicate his history of abuse.

What can be done however is a full stop, nothing passes, nothing moves from the House of Representatives until substantive progress is made on rooting out the malefactors who have turned the executive branch into a hyper-partisan, unaccountable, enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. Yes, elections have consequences and Democrats have every right to guide policies to their liking, they have no right to use the power of government to impede the legal political activities of opponents or do enforce laws in ways that give their political allies an advantage.

We’ve rightly heard over the last 3 plus years that the House alone is insufficient to move forward any entitlement reforms that could possibly pass. It is insufficient to repeal of ObamaCare. The House alone cannot do any of the things conservatives would like to see happen while the Democrats control the Senate and the White House.

What we’ve also been told however is that the House can stop new bad things from happen. Now is the time to exercise that power.

This is a partial list of what I think must be cleared up before the GOP passes any more legislation:

• Understand why an IRS official who her superiors knew was targeting conservative political groups received six-figure bonuses for her work and is now charged with heading the IRS implementation of ObamaCare.

• Ensure that the people who targeted the President’s opponents have been removed from the government?

• Protections must be put in place and demonstrated to be effective to ensure that the IRS is no longer engaged in partisan warfare against citizens who may not share this President’s poitical views.

• HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebeilius must be full investigated for her extra-legal fundraising activities from organizations and companies she is empowered to regulate under the Affordable Care Act.

• There must also be a full accounting of Sebelius’ prior violation of the Hatch Act, which appears to have gone unpunished.

• There must be a full investigation of the AP subpoena issue, including the actions of the Attorney General and the handing of his alleged recusal.

As I said, this is just a partial list of issues that must be addressed and corrective action taken before the House of Representatives does a damn thing.

Debt ceiling hike? No. Maybe in exchange for something concrete like Sebelius’ resignation or a delay in the implementation of ObamaCare until these investigations are complete and corrective actions are made.

Budget? Sure, as long as it doesn’t include any funding for ObamaCare and the IRS’ role in implementing it.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Hell no. At this point does anyone trust the IRS or Department of Homeland Security under this President to actual enforce any provisions other than giving the maximum number of illegal immigrants legal status as quickly as possible? Do you really think the IRS is going to disqualify illegals from legal status over unpaid back taxes?

Nothing moves Mr. Speaker. Nothing.

This will not be a political popular stand, at least at first. People will think it’s simply partisan gamesmanship. It will be up to Republicans to explain the stakes here and make the case for your actions.

In the past I’ve opposed government shutdowns because there has been no identifiable path to winning and because yes, when you know you can’t win, you have to live to fight another day. But if stopping this country from sliding into a 3rd world banana republic where the politically powerful can crush their opposition by using the power of government isn’t a hill worth fighting on what is? If the GOP won’t make this stand, what exactly is their purpose?

Shut it down Mr. Speaker. Shut it down.


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  1. Pimp Daddy Welfare

    Drew – don’t forget about Fast and Furious and Benghazi… the administration’s lack of honesty on both is appalling

  2. pestilential

    You’re not going far enough. What good will Sebelius’s resignation do, for example? She’ll land on her feet, and be replaced by somebody just the same. What you’re asking for is theater. These problems are too big to settle for symbolic fixes. This is the best chance we’ve had to push for real reform: a flat or fair tax, personal fines (six figures for the IRS chick, for one — effectively repealing her bonuses is the least we should demand) and jail time for the perps (no matter how high up they are), real reparations for those injured, repeal of existing gun laws, repeal of BarkyCare, etc.

    And for once we should bargain: that is, ask for more than we want, then settle for what we actually want. Like the Dems do. Not ask for the compromise position right from the start, and give back from there.

  3. Warren Bonesteel

    The assumption being, of course, that the GOP isn’t as corrupt as their ideological opponents.

    When. Not if,. but when, the GOP takes no action other than reprimands or resignations…and changes nothing that is now happening, and no one goes to jail, except for maybe a minor bureaucrat…

    That’s when you’ll know w/o shadow of a doubt that they are no less corrupt than their counterparts.

    This is objectively true, now, if you only follow the money.

    It’s past time to stop choosing between the lesser of two evils.

  4. Got an idea. We need to demand that everyone at the IRS in that office be terminated without pension or eligibility for unemployment. No point asking for charges since the Justice Dept would be in charge of that and we know that wouldn’t happen. Don’t go on a headhunt for the biggest trophy, go for quantity.

    Now for the kicker. Officially make it clear that the ONLY way to save thier job is to show they were a whistleblower. That they knew what they were being ordered to do was wrong and had tried to blow the whistle to at least THREE press agencies, preferrably including at least one on the right (FNS, NR, or TheBlaze listed as specific examples) and be able to produce confirmation that the information was received and simply not acted upon.

    This would produce two things. It would first send a clear signal that ‘just following orders’ isn’t any more of a defense now than it was in (censored to avoid Godwin’s Law)’s time; thus making it a lot harder to get the civil service drones to risk their otherwise unfirable status in the future. Second, there is a non-zero chance somebody DID try to blow the whistle but only to the NYT and other lefty legacy news orgs and that would be comedy gold worth letting a couple of low level drones keep their job in exchange for.

  5. ALSO… Dissolve the union that governs the Treasury Dept. and IRS. (Hell, every damn public sector union).

    Burnt-umber Boehner will not do anything. He’s a stooge.

  6. Better idea. Maybe you wingnuts should concentrate on winning elections. Then maybe you can do something instead of your usual nothing.

  7. The Old Coach

    One more thing: RESTORE THE HATCH ACT.

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