Reminder: The Romney Campaign Sucked

Stu Stevens is giving a talk somewhere about the campaign and NRO’s Katrina Trinko is live tweeting it.

This is an indictment of his and Romney’s incompetence.

asked why Romney didn’t fight back summer Bain stuff, Stu Stevens says they were trying to put Obama team on offense on welfare, china

First, I think she meant to type “put Obama team on DEFENSE” or that Romney wanted to go on offense on those issues. Either way the problem is the same.
Job 1 in any campaign is to define yourself and the other guy.
Romney had to know his money was a problem, hell it was a problem in the primary at some points. Of course Obama was going to hang him on it. To whistle passed that graveyard is gross incompetence.
Second, China? did they really that was going to be an issue that was going to win it for them? What fucking world were they living in?
Third, you have to be able to do 2 things at once in a campaign. Actually a hundred things at once. You want to attack on Welfare? Great! Do it in the context of pushing back on Bain while defining yourself. Talk about how he didn’t start our rich. About how he learned the value of work. Find some people who went from welfare to work at companies Bain started/saved. Talk about how Obama’s approach would hurt those types of people.
Yes, I know, I need to get over my disgust with Romney and his campaign. I will. As soon as they shut up and get out politics.

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  1. Look s like the Tree of Stupidity also needs a little watering, eh?

  2. I’d just as soon forget Romney, but with the IRS’ Gestapo tactics on the Tea Party and conservatives in the run up to the election, it leaves one to wonder if the outcome might have been different if they were as effective as they were in the 2010 midterms.

    No matter what happens, these bastards will still be in charge of persecuting us with Obamacare and might still have the power to harass us in the run up to 2014.

    So this is the face of tyranny.

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