Hispanics Are “Natural Conservatives”, It’s Just That As A Group They Are More Liberal Than The Rest Of The US Population

Among Hispanics, there is somewhat less support for an activist government among the second generation than Hispanic immigrants, although a clear majority of both generations prefers a larger government with more services to a smaller one providing fewer services. But more of the second-generation Hispanics identify themselves as liberal on political issues than do first-generation Hispanics. Generational differences are pronounced on attitudes about social issues. Second-generation Hispanics and Asian Americans are more liberal than the first generation on attitudes about homosexuality and abortion. Compared with the general public, second-generation Asian Americans are more liberal on both issues. Second-generation Hispanics tend to be more accepting of homosexuality than the general public; their views on abortion are similar to those of the general public.


This is the point in the program where Team Amnesty tells you the GOP kick-ass messaging team will kick in and with a little outreach, someday we’ll turn all those liberals into card carrying conservatives. Yeah, about that. Seems the RNC’s director of Hispanic Outreach for Florida*, Pablo Pantoja, just became a Democrat. He was upset over the news of Jason Richwine’s Harvard Ph.D dissertation. No word yet on whether Pantoja was so shocked at the despicable comments of former NAACP Chairman and Obama supporter Julian Bond he immediately abandoned the racist Democrats.

And a friendly reminder for all.

*Thanks to Andy for pointing out Pantoja was the RNC’s Hispanic point person for Florida.


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