The Problem With Mark Sanford Isn’t The Extra-Marital Affair, It’s The Corruption

There’s a lot of back and forth over Mark Sanford’s comeback in South Carolina politics. Liberals are laughing at conservatives over their situation outrage over marital infidelity, while conservatives are pushing back by saying for better or worse this is the culture we have (one I would add liberals usually embrace).

All very interesting but irrelevant.

The fact is Mark Sanford was found to have misused public money for private purposes and paid the largest fine in state history as a result of his corruption. He was also censured by the Republican controlled South Carolina legislature for “dereliction of duty” for disappearing for days while he visited his girlfriend and having his publicly paid for staff lie to the public about it.

Talk all you want about Sanford’s personal failings but the problem is far too many Republicans are celebrating the return to public office of a disgraced man who has no business ever again holding a position of public trust.

A free bit of advice to my conservative friends who are ok with Sanford’s return to the House….you should probably lay off complaining about Democrats who abuse their office (like Charlie Rangel or Barack Obama) for awhile.


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  1. The problem is: OK with Sanford’s return as opposed to what?

    As opposed to nothing but the Democrats’ gain of a seat in the House. I’m not happy about it; I’m not particularly ok with it; I’m only ok with it as set off against what we’d have instead. And it’s worth pointing out that by your own account he paid a fine for his abuse of the public purse–although personally I would advocate a much higher penalty, SC’s law is SC’s law. Plenty of the Dems we complain about never pay in either cash or prestige. Sanford’s paid in both. I wish he had enough marketable skills to get a job doing something else, but he chose to go back in. My contempt is larger for the Republican party hacks who didn’t do what they could to push somebody–anybody–but him.

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