Running On Empty…Fisker Going The Way Of Solyndra

fuel gaugeAnother Failed Bet By Team Obama

The reverse Midas Touch.

Struggling carmaker Fisker Automotive laid off 160 employees, most of its staff, Friday as it struggles to reach a financing deal that would save the maker of the Karma hybrid sports car.

The Anaheim company dismissed all but a core group of about 40 workers needed to keep the business running as it continues talks with three Chinese businesses considering buying or investing in Fisker, according to individuals familiar with Fisker’s strategy.

“They pulled back another layer as they try to work out a last-minute deal. They need to do a deal quickly and they know it and are working on it,” said Mike Sullivan, who has a Fisker store among his chain of LACarGuy dealerships in the Southern California.

They’ve already hired a bankruptcy firm.

That HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in federal loan guarantees  is gone and not coming back soon.


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  1. Still, the Karma is a nice looking car. I’ve heard that they’ve made some money selling the bodies to some custom corvette company.

  2. Doin’ Delaware’s UAW a big favor… on our dime. Good work, VP Joey Choo-Choo!

  3. I have a flaming lib friend who was excited to post a pic of her Fisker about 6 months ago. Aww… I’m going to cry a river of salty tears…

  4. Linlithgow. Punch her in the face and tell her about how many programs for the Children(tm) had to be cut for her to have that cruddy car.

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