In Which Matt Lewis Launches A Drone Strike On A Poor Unsuspecting Strawman

Matt Lewis won’t talk to you at CPAC but he’ll boldly stand up for a major group that is perfectly capable of speaking for itself.  Show me on the strawman doll where Matt Lewis touched you.

Lewis you see is compelled to throw himself onto the field of battle on behalf of CPAC’s exclusion of GOProud against a charge no one is making.

First, it is very important to note that CPAC is not banning GOProud leaders or members from attending the conference. This is a key point that is often mistaken. I’m not sure anyone could muster a defense of not allowing individuals to pay and attend.

Instead, what CPAC has said is that GOProud (and some other groups) won’t be included among CPAC’s co-sponsors. (Sponsorship presumably comes with perks, such as speaking slots, etc.)

This raises an obvious question: Does CPAC have the right to decide whom they will partner with?

It’s not an obvious question because it’s unrelated to the debate people on the right have actually been having.


The number of people who claimed CPAC doesn’t have the right to exclude GOProud is (and I’m rounding up here) ZERO.
Plenty of people however have questioned the WISDOM of doing so. If Lewis can’t tell the difference between those two things, he’s more hopeless than I thought.

For the record, I’m not a fan of GOProud because I don’t think the right should be emulating the identity politics of the left. But if we’re going to go down that road, there’s no less reason to have gay conservative groups then there is women, Hispanic or any other ones.

If you want to defend CPAC’s exclusion you probably should go beyond the “obvious question” and make the case how excluding GOProud furthers the conservative movement. Because if opposing gays because they are gay is part of being a  mainstream conservative, conservatism is doomed.

Lewis link via Ben Howe.


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