Hispanics Are Natural Conservatives(tm). They Just As A Group Hold Very Liberal Positions.

There may well be reasons to support amnesty of illegal immigrants, that they are natural conservatives just is not one of them.

From today’s Pew poll.

On the broad question of whether it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns or to control gun ownership, adults split about evenly too, with 46 percent emphasizing ownership and 50 percent limits. But 71 percent of African-Americans, 78 percent of Hispanics, 71 percent of all nonwhites and 55 percent of college-educated white women prioritized gun control; young people lean narrowly in that direction.

They also support (but the story did breakout the exact numbers) raising the minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage and insisting that any further fiscal deal include both tax increases and spending cuts likewise won support from preponderant majorities in Obama’s coalition, the poll found. Over eight-in-ten nonwhites back him on both questions.

When we have the amnesty debate (and yes, it’s amnesty) let’s just be honest about what is on the table and the reasons for supporting it.





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