Obama’s Sequestration Bait And Switch

White House propagandist Greg Sargent says Obama, unlike the evil Republicans, is offering a compromise on sequestration.

<blockquote data-conversation=”none”><p>@<a href=”https://twitter.com/patjhynes”>patjhynes</a&gt; You can’t spin away this fact: One side’s plan would avert sequester w/compromise; other side says *any* compromise is nonstarter</p>&mdash; Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) <a href=”https://twitter.com/ThePlumLineGS/status/303922522209005568″>February 19, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Here’s the thing, sequester was a compromise. Obama wanted a hike in the debt ceiling in 2011 and the GOP didn’t. The compromise was there would offsetting spending cuts for the debt hike. These cuts (not revenue increases, cuts) would be enforced, if push came to shove, by sequester.

Obama’s new taxes gambit is simply bait and switch. It’s not compromise, it’s bad faith.


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  1. So, we need compromise for the compromise?
    Let the damn sequester happen!
    Then ditch all the “non-essential” personel they would have laid off if the government shut down!

  2. Why are the police and firefighters being trotted out as the “first jobs to get cut”? Why not that scientist who is studying the disintegration cycle of silkworm feces (at taxpayer-funded grant expense)? Why not the entirety of the Department of Education (which has never educated a single student)? Or all of those POTUS-appointed czars? Or any of the other million government workers who get to lock their offices and go home for those long weekends, instead of the people who have to man a station 24/7/365?

    Oh, right, it’s a means to blame the ones who have actually passed a budget every year, rather than the President who has never met a tax he didn’t support (even when it could be proven to actually reduce revenue, “because of the fairness”…

    Let it burn.

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