Obama Renounces His Bastard Child Named Sequestration, Redefines “Tax Reform”

Obama is back to doing what he does back…campaigning on lies..

The president ticked off a host of expected repercussions should the $85 billion in cuts for this year take effect. He said Border Patrol, emergency responders, FBI agents, airport controllers and others would all face cutbacks. He said teachers would be laid off by the thousands and America’s military would be degraded.

As he has before, Obama urged Congress to pass a stopgap to allow for more time to pass a bigger package. But, with Congress out this week and many lawmakers resisting another attempt to kick the can on the cuts, Obama tried to cast Republicans as the ones responsible.

Obama suggested their resistance to his calls to pass a “balanced” package — by closing tax loopholes for top earners and big corporations — is the hold-up. He asked whether Republicans are willing to let hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs “just to protect a few special-interest tax loopholes.”

Closing “loopholes” (I hate that term. If the law allows something, it’s not a “loophole”, it’s what the damn law says.) to raise revenue isn’t “tax reform” as anyone understood the term until Obama Newspeak came along. Closing “loopholes” AND lowering rates is tax reform. Obama’s “balanced approached” is just a tax hike.

Does anyone really believe that if Obama gets this tax hike the supposed revenue will go to deficit or debt reduction and not new spending? Of course it won’t. All the money from his income tax hike was spent in about two weeks.

Sequester is a no good, terrible, horrible idea but good ideas like cutting these budgets in targeted as opposed to across the board ways aren’t on the table. Of course the best and most necessary idea, immediate entitlement reform is a non-starter in either party.

We been eating a lot of shit sandwiches lately, what’s one more bite?


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