The Challenge For Republicans: Winning Over Idiots

I’m reading this NY Times piece that has some people upset with S.E. Cupp. I haven’t gotten to her bit yet but this….this….I don’t know how you deal with this.

Anderson concluded the group on a somewhat beseeching note. “Let’s talk about Republicans,” she said. “What if anything could they do to earn your vote?”

A self-identified anti-abortion, “very conservative” 27-year-old Obama voter named Gretchen replied: “Don’t be so right wing! You know, on abortion, they’re so out there. That all-or-nothing type of thing, that’s the way Romney came across. And you know, come up with ways to compromise.”

Does this woman not know who she is? Does she not know who Obama and Romney were during the campaign?

Other than pure esthetics, how to you begin to communicate with this person and people like her?


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I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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  1. If you want a crazy idea – how about requiring a test before you’re allowed to vote, something showing you have at least a basic familiarity with what you’re voting on? Maybe every candidate submits one question about himself, and the test (with answers) is released to the public 2 weeks ahead of time so anyone who cares to can get a perfect score. (With technology, you could even make the value of your vote scale with how well you do on the test.)

    Unconstitutional at the moment, of course, but I wonder if the democracies of the future will adopt such a system.

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