Prediction: Sequester Won’t Happen

Sure the talk gets tougher but the wheels are in motion.

Senate Democrats said Wednesday they plan to unveil such a proposal by Thursday, although internal differences still remained on the exact mix of tax increases and spending cuts.

Proposals to cut farm subsidies and raise taxes on oil-and-gas firms face opposition within the caucus.

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), the Senate Finance Committee chairman, told reporters Wednesday he was still trying to find a balance between two imperatives: the need to find revenues to help replace the sequester on one hand, and his broader goal of a comprehensive tax code overhaul on the other.

“We’ve got to get measures that pass,” Baucus said Wednesday. “I want to make sure we can do tax reform.”

So the Senate Democrats along with a handful of squishy Republicans* like Murkowski, Collins, Cochran, Chambliss, Flake (thanks to Jose for the correction), Kirk, Johans, Alexander, Corker  along with defense hawks who will do anything to protect the defense budget like McCain, Ayotte will come together to pass a bi-partisan bill (cue the choir of angels).
At that point, the GOP controlled House will hem and haw but ultimately Boehner will let the bill come to the floor and the same Democrat/GOP squish  coalition that passed the fiscal cliff and Sandy relief bills will reunite and pass tax hikes and faux spending cuts to shut the sequester off.
All that’s left is the chest beating and complaints from conservatives that will fall on deaf ears.
*I’m not saying all these Republican Senators will vote for a deal like this but the pool of possible yes votes is pretty big.

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