Boehner Commits House GOP To A Plan To Balance The Budget In 10 Years. And The GOP Death Spiral

Paul Ryan is reworking his budget to conform.Here’s the problem: People rejected the original Ryan plan as being to harsh and it balanced sometime around mid-century.

This is a huge conundrum….spending cuts aren’t popular. We need to accept that no matter what polls say. But to get its voice back the GOP needs to double down on unpopular things. If every loss leads to doubling down we’re in a death spiral (much like the one the country is in) that will likely lead to more Democrats winning and increased spending and more doubling down…….

I’m not hitting the GOP for this, it’s a no win situation. The problem is voters. We lost the argument about the size and scope of government. We aren’t going to win it through a new 10 year plan that will be unpopular and never go anywhere.

The fight we need to have is not one the GOP or any political party is designed to wage. We should stop demanding that they try.

This is why Let It Burn isn’t a pro-active course, it’s simply an acknowledgement of reality.


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  1. “We lost the argument about the size and scope of government.”

    I tend to think of the argument which was lost as being “How do we pay for the size and scope of government the voters claim they want?”. I don’t think that even 20% of Obama voters realize that the scope of government he is promising ensures that they will be taxed out the wazoo to pay for it.

    If anything, the GOP should start hammering home to the non-net-tax-payers that they are next in the government’s sights as it seeks new revenue.

  2. If this budget fails, which it will, then if I were the Republicans I would just pass spnding bill that comport to the Constitution and asbtain from voting on anything else, increase defense spending and let the rest whither on the vine

  3. There are some in the GOP that do not recognize the situation they are in, nor are equipped to deal with it, if they did understand. It is outside their realm of understanding.

    “Let it burn” is all we conservatives have left, as the GOP will have to veer toward a “me too, only” premise of entitlements.

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