Is Congressman Phil Gingrey Going Soft On The Second Amendment?

Greg “I can’t define “assault weapon” but we should ban them” Sargent is pretty excited that GOP Congressman Phil Gingrey of Georgia might be open to some gun control measures.

Along these lines, this is interesting: GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia — who has an “A” rating from the NRA — has now signaled that he very well may support both of those provisions. The Marietta Daily Journal has this account of a town hall meeting Gingrey held yesterday:

Gingrey said he was open to considering certain gun control measures in the wake of the Connecticut elementary school massacre.

“There are some problems, and maybe these huge magazines even for someone who says, ‘look, I just use an AR-15 for target practice,’ but do you really need to be standing there shooting at a silhouette a shot a second or even quicker with that kind of weapon? For what purpose?” Gingrey asked. “I would be willing to listen to the possibility of the capacity of a magazine.”

Congressman, it’s none of your business why people need or want to own these things. Banning them will have zero impact on mass shootings for a couple of reasons.

1- Many localities already ban their sale and possession (though those laws are unevenly enforced).

2- There exists a thing called “reloading“.

Gingrey also says he’s open to requiring background checks for private sales. That’s simply an unworkable idea unless you are also promoting a national gun registry. BTW- You know who already sells guns with no background checks and will continue to do so even if it’s required? Criminals selling to other criminals. More laws won’t change that.

Gingrey’s musings aren’t even a small crack but they need to be shutdown as quickly as possible.

Not every rare problem is a cause for federal action. If supposedly conservative Republicans don’t get this, we’re in deep trouble.


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  1. Drew, private sellers are already legally on the hook for ensuring a buyer meets the 4473 specs in currently existing law. Its been this way since 1968. I don’t see opening up the NICS database to private sellers so they could actually check as registration if the NICS non-retention specs are actually being followed.

    18 USC 922 (d)

    “(d) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person— ” [a list of 4473 disqualifications follows]

  2. How deep is the bench in this guys district?

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