Dana Milbank Wrote Something Stupid. Related, The Sun Rose In The East This Morning

Underneath the layers of idiocy in this risible Dana Milbank column is…more idiocy.

And Hagel is worth fighting for. The Republican former senator from Nebraska should and probably will be confirmed by the Senate, despite irresponsible claims that he is anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-gay and a coddler of Iran. Most of that is false and the rest is irrelevant: As head of the Pentagon, Hagel would not determine foreign policy.

Which of those charges are false and which are irrelevant? Don’t know, Milbank never bothers to make an argument or provide any proof to backup his assertions.

Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.) called Hagel’s record “extremely concerning.” Sen. David Vitter (La.) said Hagel’s confirmation “would send exactly the wrong message.” Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) said Hagel’s views send “the worst possible signal.”

Neither Cornyn nor Vitter lists military service in his biography. Graham was an Air Force lawyer.

Ah, yes. Chicken-hawks (it’s actually the front page tease on The Post’s homepage for this column).

Put aside the casual dismissal of Graham’s service (he did deploy to Iraq and if being a lawyer doesn’t count, Milbank should tell Joe Biden to stop bragging about his son Beau’s service) and notice that Milbank picked two Senators who didn’t serve to illustrate the fight against the heroic Hagel to set up his “chicken-hawk” argument (I mean that genuinely, Hagel is a hero for his service).

I guess that settles it. Only chicken-hawks oppose Hagel. Wait, that’ s not true. There’s also John McCain whose service is at least heroic as Hagel’s. There’s also Roger Wicker who served in the Air Force, James Inhofe and Jeff Sessions, both veterans of the Army.

Like Cornyn and Vitter all these veterans are members of the Senate Armed  Services Committee which will hold hearings on the Hagel nomination.

Oh and one last thing. Is Milbank suggesting that veterans should get a pass from non-vets about military issues? If so, can he explain why he (a non-veteran) wrote scathing columns about Donald Rumsfeld a 35 year veteran of the US Navy and Navy Reserves?

Of course he can’t. He’s an idiot.


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  1. As you noted, “The Sun Rose In The East This Morning”.


  2. This is what we deal with and should fight to destroy the main stream media. They will say and do anything to support the Democrats and the Left.

    The media is our enemy there is no other way to describe it. The problem is that Republicans don’t treat them as such. While many probably thought Alex Jones was over the top with Piers Morgan that is the way all conservatives and Republicans should treat the media.

  3. Whydidmommynamemedana

    He’s a guy name Dana. C’mon.

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