Elizabeth Warren Isn’t A Member Of The MA Bar

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Not sure if this is a thing or not but here’s the audio of her answer when asked on WTKK this morning about the Legal Insurrection post.

It’s kind of odd because she said she’s been “inactive in the NJ Bar for a very, very long time”. Now does she mean her status was inactive or she didn’t go to meetings?

The follow up questions was, “don’t you practice” and she says no. that’s kind of odd since she spent the first few minutes of the interview talking about her legal work for Travelers Insurance. Not sure how to square that circle.

She might be technically ok (which is all that matters) but she makes it sound as if she hasn’t been doing legal work, which seems contradicted by the facts.

This may technically be much ado about nothing but it’s going to make a mess for Warren (if you’re explaining, your losing).


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