Old And Busted: Obama’s Campaign Bounce Is Real And It’s Spectacular! New Hotness: Meh, Back To The Slog

With less than two months until Election Day, things can change fast. Keep track of the latest swings in the Electoral College and post your predictions online with POTUS Predictor 2012. We have you covered with Apple, Droid and Kindle versions.

Obama Bounce, we hardly knew ye.

Last week’s Democratic National Convention helped President Obama improve his standing against Republican Mitt Romney, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, but did little to reduce voter concern about his handling of the economy.

The survey shows that the race remains close among likely voters, with Obama at 49 percent and Romney at 48 percent, virtually unchanged from a poll taken just before the conventions.

But among a wider sample of all registered voters, Obama holds an apparent edge, topping Romney at 50 percent to 44 percent, and has clear advantages on important issues in the campaign when compared with his rival.

I’ll take “Things That Don’t Matter One Whit for a thousand Alex. What are, “registered voter polls two months out from an election?” But hey, WaPo/ABC have to cheer up the home team somehow.

As Ed points out at Hot Air, this poll shows Romney up 11% with independents.

It seems screwy that Romney could be up that much with indys and yet be basically even with Obama overall. I guess you have to believe after 4 years of No Hope and Change for the Worse Democrats are going to turn out in even greater numbers than 2008. Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, you can by my damn electoral College predictor phone app (now for iOS devices) and play with the numbers til your heart’s content! Apple, Droid and Kindle versions for everyone!


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