Chuck Todd Toes The Democratic Line

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The Democrats are in a spot of trouble with their convention. You see their big finale is going to be held at Bank of America Field in Charlotte. Problem is, banks aren’t very popular with the OWS rabble (aka, the Democrats’ base) so party officials have taken to calling it “Panther Stadium” since the Carolina Panthers play there.

Of course being a dutiful reporter member of the Democratic Machine Media member Chuck Todd of NBC “News” knows how to follow the rules.

There is no such thing as “Panther stadium”. Not even the Carolina Panthers claim there is. The only people who use the term “Panther stadium” are professional Democrats and professional Democrats pretending to be reporters.


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  1. Next, Obama throws out the first pitch at White Sox Field…

  2. Corporations and profits benefit everyone – a stadium sponsored by Bank of America is one clear example of that. Therefore Democrats must deny this reality.

  3. We oughtta start calling it WATERLOO STADIUM.

  4. I wonder how many empty “chairs” there will be besides the one on stage?

  5. I wonder if not calling it Bank of America Stadium might break a contract. BoA is not paying for nothing.

  6. Classic example of the emperors clothes. F Chuck just went off on how lovely his silk suit looks.

  7. For one night at least, it will be New Black Panther Stadium.

  8. I think you’ve made a mistake. I’m pretty sure that Chuck Todd works for the DuMont Network.

  9. It’s now Bankruptcy of America Stadium!

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