Disturbing Development Regarding Harry Reid’s Rumored Pederasty

An unknown source (It was Slublog, who is known around the web for his Photoshop skills) sent this image which is quite possibly from Searchlight, NV home of rumored pederast Harry Reid.

It is entirely coincidental that this information comes to light the evening that all three network newscasts lead with the dead story of Mitt Romney’s taxes and not Joe Biden’s “put you in chains” remarks (or the reaction from several black political figures like Douglas Wilder and Arthur Davis), the Family Resource Council shooting, or the Medicare debate that Obama and Democrats are finding isn’t the walk in the park they thought it would be.

Yep just a coincidence.



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  1. This is why the donks are silent on the FRC shooting, and slow joes’ “Ya’ll in chains” crap. They’re trying to figure a way to spin Harry Reid, the rumored Pederast, out of this mess.

  2. Tell me you found that van randomly, bumper stickers, “signage” and all!!!

  3. The van is a semi-famous photo on the web, but the bumper stickers are new.

    No shown in photo: a bumper sticker on the tailgate which reads, “My girlfriend is an honor roll student at the Searchligt School for Wayward Boys.”

  4. Weep for the innocent children, my friends. That satanic monster must be stopped.

  5. Why are the “networks” preventing us from hearing the voices and seeing the faces of the victims?

    As if I didn’t know.

  6. “Why are the “networks” preventing us from hearing the voices and seeing the faces of the victims?”
    The ones he didn’t strangle are now in the MFM! Unfortunately, we see and hear from them WAYY too much!

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