Some Paul Ryan Awesome

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A collection of Paul Ryan on the economy, foreign policy and America in general….

First and foremost, Ryan schools Obama face to face on the realities of health care reform and the budget.

Ryan’s big foreign policy speech:

A big econ speech he gave:

“Nobody Ever Got Rich Betting Against The United States of America, And Iā€™m Not About To Start”

His State of the Union reply:

Ryan on the debt ceiling:

Some general Ryan awesomeness:

And don’t forget Obama insulting Ryan to his face when Ryan couldn’t fight back:

No matter what liberals will say, the Ryan Plan isn’t even remotely radical (unfortunately).


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  1. Non of what Ryan says matters, or the fact that he is smart and competant.

    What is important is that he helped kill Soptic’s wife, he has never ever paid any taxes, (that’s how smart he really is!), he killed not just his grand parents, but he wants to kill yours as well. Also, since he is a republican, you know that he wants dirty air and polluted water for all.

    And he hates anyone who isn’t white.

    I think that about covers the MSM talking points, as supplied by the Democratic/Progressive Party.

    And the fact that he doesn’t support Obama’s policies is also proof positive that he is racist.

    I should be working at MSNBC, CNN or NBC.

  2. Murdering your grandparents might be merciful. The Ryan plan includes torture rooms and hooded death panels made up of retired tobacco executives and Swiss bankers. I’ll reserve judgement on him until I hear his opinion on the Obama Doctrine…

  3. Oh, and HuffPo found some Catholic bishops to complain that Ryan’s budget plan is “immoral” because it doesn’t care for the poor and downtrodden enough. So suddenly HuffPo readers are finding themselves in the unusual position of cheering on the Catholic church.

  4. In actual fact, Paul Ryan has an amazing grasp of Catholic social teaching, and communicates it clearly and eloquently — just one more reason I, as a Catholic myself, love this man. Here’s his reply to the bishops:

  5. The look on Obama’s face – “I don’t know what is in the bill and I don’t care”

  6. Too bad you guys don’t have all the facts in front of you regarding your dear President. Might help a bit if you researched this guy a bit more – instead of bowing to him simply because of either his race or because you are a liberal democrat.

  7. I still like Obama better. I mean, he’s….well, he’s a black guy. And movie stars like him. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

  8. I love Ryan’s articulation to Preezy about the healthcare bill. Obama is sitting there thinking about his next golf game and how to sneak some fast food so that Michelle doesn’t find out. Biden, is drooling over some paperwork and writing…..tic, tac, doe? The Senator sitting next to Ryan is impressed “Go get ’em kid”.

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