Mitt Romney’s Terrible, No Good, Waste Of Time And Money Ad

Oh FFS Mitt, stop whining. Let’s not pretend you are a babe in the woods when it comes to negative campaigning. Did it help Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum when they complained (no matter how correctly) about your bull shit attacks during the primary? Considering you’re the nominee, I’d say no, no it didn’t.

No one cares you’re feelings are hurt or that Team Obama is playing mean. And if you are going to go after them for this, GO AFTER THEM. The whole “more in sadness than in anger” thing can work but if this is so awful as to disqualify Obama from office, get angry and go after them.

The challenge posed by the Soptic ad is that Team Obama wants to depress turnout among certain groups (white working class voters mostly). These are people who want Obama out but aren’t rabidly committed to the effort. Mitt running a “boy he’s mean” ad isn’t going to motivate the “pox on both your houses” people to vote, it will only serve to help tune them out.

Yes, it’s just one ad out of seemingly millions but it continues the same Romney pattern…the other guy is awful so vote for me or something. Mitt needs to do something he hasn’t done in this campaign (including the primary), he needs to give voters a reason to go out and vote FOR him and not just AGAINST Obama. Maybe he’ll do that starting at the convention as his supporters seem to think. We’ll see.


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The other problem with this ad is simply, this is a weak line of attack. Voters don’t care that politicians say mean things about each other, they rather expect it. This ad does nothing to tie Obama’s lack of character to the voters lives. It’s basically an ad that says Obama should be punished for being mean to Mitt. There are plenty of character issues to go after Obama on that have real world policy implications and actually impact voters lives. That Mitt chose not to make them is telling and a missed opportunity.

One last thing. The ad’s claim that  the Obama’s “campaign” is responsible for the ad. The clip he shows is from Priorities USA, a “Super PAC” the campaign can’t coordinate with. Now, do I believe that all Super PACs and campaigns co-ordinate? Of course. But as someone once said in a GOP debate:

Secondly, I did not have a super PAC run an ad against you. That’s — as you know, that’s something which is completely out of the control of candidates.

That “someone”? Mitt Romney.

Admittedly that’s just small ball “gotcha” and you could do that all day with Mitt. No doubt however it will come back to bite him when Obama tries to hold him responsible for a pro-Romney Super PAC ad. No doubt, Mitt’s tune will change.

That factual “mistake” will be all the “fact checkers” need to brand the ad false and thus give the DMM (Democratic Machine Media)tm all the excuse they will need to neuter the coverage of the ad.

Plenty of people are saying Romney will unleash hell on Obama once he can dip into his general election money. Maybe, maybe not. But it better be more than hundreds of millions in negative ads. That’s not going to get it done.


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