Long Live BuzzFeed! (Seriously)

I’ve been pretty tough on BuzzFeed for some of their more ridiculous anti-GOP reporting. Hell, I even suggested conservatives stop linking to them until they append the inevitable correction on to the half-assed post they most likely go from a liberal group’s press release.

No more! BuzzFeed is awesome and I wish them well in destroying as many conservatives and Republicans as possible. You see BuzzFeed had a big shindig to celebrate the opening of their new Washington, DC bureau. It turns out plenty of Republicans and conservatives showed up.

BuzzFeed, the up-and-coming website that graduated from covering funny cat pictures to covering politics AND funny cat pictures, celebrated the launch of its D.C. bureau in a packed party at the Brixton Wednesday night. Reporters from nearly every outlet in town were joined by few political types — Bill Burton of President Obama’s SuperPAC, Priorities USA, and Michael Steel, press secretary for House Speaker John Boehner, who showed up in jeans — for the free booze, fancy cheese, and proscuitto.

Oh that’s nice. And look, members of Eric Cantor’s staff were there too! Well, at least they weren’t alone.

I have no problem with being friends with people of differing political views. I’d be awfully lonely in New York if I did. And I’m sure on a personal level Ben Smith, Andrew Kaczynski and the gang are fine folks. It would be fun to have a beer with them but this isn’t about them personally, it’s about their business, BuzzFeed. A lot of what they do is harmful to the cause we are supposedly fighting for. The ability of any media entity to impact the political conversation is based in no small part to its perceived legitimacy. Showing up at an event like this helps to legitimize BuzzFeed as more than LOL Cats and a liberal outlet.

I get that DC is a company town and that’s part of the problem. To folks that live there it’s just business, nothing personal. Hell, you might need a job someday so, best keep all options open. We’ll to those of us out in the hinterlands elections and the direction of the country aren’t just business, it’s damn personal. See we don’t make our living hoping from campaign to campaign, outlet to outlet, congressional office to congressional office. We get involved because we care and want to have an impact, no matter how small. We want to advance our ideas and discredit the other side’s. That includes going toe to toe with the outlets that attack conservatives and try to advance liberalism. It’s not the most noble side of the contest of ideas but it is part of it.

There’s been a lot of complaining on the right about “The Establishment”  lately but it’s hard to define it. Here’s my working definition (part of it at least)…If you care more about the respect or acknowledgement of your “colleagues”  on the other side of the fight than you do your non-professional allies, you are the establishment or at the very least have an establishment mindset.

Well DC pros, enjoy your new friends at BuzzFeed but don’t come bitching to the rest of us when they come after you or your boss (and they will if you have any pull). I’m done doing my little bit to push back against them. In fact, the next time they hit one your guys, I’ll give it as much play as possible. But cheer up, they might have a kick ass Christmas Holiday Party come December!

So good luck with your new DC office BuzzFeed, I’m sure it will enable you to even more of what you already do so well.


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