Caption Contest!

“Come on Barack, we don’t have to listen to what the mean girl says”



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  1. Abe Lincoln prays for us.

  2. “Boss, she’s stuffing your apples in her jacket.”

  3. “Damn, your hand is hot! Am I too late?”

  4. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, brings up the issue of Bidenian violations of the superglue embargo.

  5. Joe, were you raised in… Oh, just go close the fucking door.

  6. Sorry, Hillary. He’ll walk in circles all night if I don’t hold his hand.

  7. They gheys are sending in their money now, so I don’t think you need to go there.

  8. Joe, the apples are for the grown-ups, you’ll get your ice cream in a few minutes.


  10. WheelmanForHire

    So what’s going on, Barry? Gov’mint stuff?

  11. Chi-Town Jerry

    Hold me back, Joe! This time I’m gonna smack her! I really am!

  12. “Jesus, Joe, you left the hidden door to the fapcave open again! We’ve been through this…”

  13. Wait a sec, Joe. Let Hillary finish. THEN we’ll look at the Cake Girl picture again.

  14. Your husband supported the defense of marriage act, I’m marrying Joe Biden, see the difference?

  15. Don’t you just luuuuuuv what Joe and I did with this room, Hill?

  16. Joe Biden: Big fuckin dumbass…DEAL, I meant DEAL!

  17. Funny, I thought we were supposed to caption George Washington looking down on them.

  18. “Do any of us know, after three goddamned years, what the fuck we’re supposed to be doing here?”

  19. But Poppa! You promised me a choo-choo!!!!!

  20. Cream and 2 sugars, right?

  21. Joe, it’s not that kind of mandate.

  22. (Washington portrait) “Can you believe these two are the President and Vice President?” (Lincoln bust) “And I thought the Civil War was the worst thing that could happen to the country!”

  23. We felt it was time to tell you about our evolution. You don’t seriously think I picked Joe because he helped my ticket?

  24. “Let’s go, Barack.” “Hillary, stop insulting Joe by adding two and two.”

  25. “Told you he was the first gay President!”

  26. If you two are running late for a date I’ll come back another day.

  27. Don’t go, Joe! You can stay. I promise we’ll stop using big words.

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