I Endorse Barack Obama (For Ex-President)

I’m going to keep this short because: A-No one cares and B-As the saying goes, “if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything”.

I loathe both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, yet come noon on January 20th 2012 one of them will be President of The United States of America. That much is alas, unavoidable. Since I’d prefer to see neither of them take the oath of office, all I can go by is which I’d rather see lose.

Barack Obama must be defeated. Mitt Romney winning is simply a necessary, though unfortunate, predicate to reach that end.

This list of particulars against Obama and his administration is far too long to recount fully but let us just list a few of the low-lights:


-$1 TRILLION deficits every year

-$5 TRILLION in NEW debt in jut over 3 years

-A so-called “stimulus” that failed by Obama’s own terms and inflated baseline spending forever.


-Backdoor amnesty via illegal administrative DREAM Act implementation

-Turning TARP into a slush fund to bailout the UAW

-Green energy boondoggles that benefited campaign contributors

-Hostility to proven energy resources at the cost of jobs

-An unwillingness to deal with out of control entitlement and spending

-Illegally gutting the historic welfare reform of the 90s via executive order

-Nominating liberal SCTUS justices who lie during their confirmation hearings

-A singular focus on raising taxes in the name of “fairness” economic reality be damned



-Picking fights with friends, coddling enemies

-Filing to support Iran’s “Green Revolution”

-Siding with a Hugo Chavez want-to-be in Honduras

-Relying on the UN and then repeatedly expressing disappointment that China and Russia block our agenda

-Buying into the notion that progress in the Middle East is dependent upon a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

-Buying into the nation that progress in the Israel-Palestinian conflict requires ever more concessions from Israel while ignoring Palestinian intransigence.

-Switching to an “Asia-centric” posture while gutting the Navy and Air Force modernization

Both of these lists could be longer, much longer, but you get the idea.


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As for Mitt Romney, let’s just say, I’m not a fan.

I think he is a liar who stands for nothing beyond his own ambitions. Romney will do or say whatever it takes to reach his goal. As he is without an ideological core that goal is simply the accumulation and exercise of political power. That power will not be used in service of any cause greater than its own sustainment.

The notion that he will feel obligated to govern as a conservative is naïve at best. Romney will not owe his nomination or election to conservative. As a shrewd businessman Romney will accurately identify his customer base (moderates and Republicans, as opposed to conservatives) and cater to them. He will not rock any boats or upturn any cherished traditions (such as massive spending or government control of anything).

He will do the least possible to maintain the largest base of support for his technocratic tinkering with government. His instincts are not conservative but rather that of a government oriented technocrat. Judging by his campaign, he will take no risk on behalf of any identifiable principle, save again his personal ambition.

He offers no positive vision beyond a rejection of Barack Obama. I wish I could buy into the notion that a second Obama term wouldn’t be so bad and conservatives might be better off in the long run if Romney lost. I just can’t.

Mostly I don’t believe this because I see no reason to think that the GOP will produce a better field in 2016 than they did this year. If ever there was a time for a full spectrum, serious conservative to run, this was it. In my mind, the window has closed. We can’t take 4 more years of Obama (no economic growth, massive long term unemployment and spending and debt that will sink us). Romney won’t fix any of this in any serious way but he might be able to do a little less damage. His election might give the economy enough time to heal from the beating it’s taken for too long from government over spending (even before Obama came to office. Yes, I’m looking at you George W. Bush).

Mostly though, I don’t think America wants an actual conservative as President (even if the GOP could produce one). Far too many Americans think we can just keep on going as we have until now…spend more and more and turn more of our lives over to the government. Until that changes, nothing really matters. Romney is a good a Republican (I don’t use the term as a compliment) as we’re likely to see anytime soon.

The bottom line is, in the short, medium or long term, anyone is better than Barack Obama, even Mitt Romney.



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I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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  1. Bummer. A real bummer that you’re so down on Romney. It’s funny to see how for years, conservatives have pined for someone with long success in the private sector, as well as governing experience. Yes Romney was pro-choice. Yes, he could have been more conservative on Romneycare. But do you have any idea at all on where Reagan was as govenor of California? And Reagan governed a more conservative state than Romney did.

  2. I hear you Drew. My horror at a second O term is the only thing that has me not vomiting at the thought of voting Romney. I am hoping he will surprise me but I realize I’ll probably be pissed off another 4 years and then face another turd sandwich/ giant douche choice all over again. Same as it ever was…

  3. Thank you for that cogent analysis, Mr. Sunshine & Lollipops. All that’s missing is a my EZ Bake oven so’s I can stick my head in it and turn on the 100 watt bulb. Oops, that’s been outlawed.

  4. I actually want to thank you for this. I’m not sure it’s persuaded me to vote for mitt (I live in Oregon. My vote doesn’t count anyway), but it’s definitely given me something to think about.

    I think economically, the country is doomed with either one. The only benefit to having a Romney presidency is that the tea party/libertarians might be able to pressure him to not do stupid shit like bailing out banks or engaging in crony capitalism. That’s my overly optimistic view of Romney; maybe we can force him to not be a douche.

    I still might be voting for Johnson, just to give my own little bird to the GOP before it implodes around Bill Kristol.

  5. If this is true:

    “As a shrewd businessman Romney will accurately identify his customer base (moderates and Republicans, as opposed to conservatives) and cater to them. He will not rock any boats or upturn any cherished traditions (such as massive spending or government control of anything).”

    . . . then the sentence that precedes it — “Romney will not owe his nomination or election to conservative” (sic) — must also be true. Nomination, no, but election, yes. The only way he can win is from the motivated conservatives who make up the GOP base. And he’s already made a huge promise to that segment of the electorate with “Day One, Job One: #FullRepeal”: http://youtu.be/8MgiQ9KZdqg

    If Romney is as power-hungry as you claim, then he’ll know he cannot break that promise to his base without being turned out after one term a la George H.W. Bush in 1996.

    I’m no fan of his, either, but he’s the best we got.

  6. I figure that once Romney is sworn in, then Palin’s game changes. I figure she’s gonna be all over his ass to do the right things! Like prosecuting the corruption, like down-sizing the federal payroll, like cutting back on federal regulations, I personally don’t see her doing this as a Fox- only voice. I suspect that Mitt will continue to under-estimate her, to his later horror. Just my two cents.

  7. Not only is the country unwilling to elect a conservative President, but the Republican constituency can’t seem to pull it off either.
    I get tired of people who whine about how the Republican party has failed to produce another Reagan and deliver him on a silver platter.
    If Republican voters don’t like the choices presented to them, it’s their own damn fault.

    And if you take hard look at Reagan, you’ll see a President who wasn’t that conservative either: he was conservative compared to Ford or Nixon but those were pretty low bars to clear.

  8. Nice writing.

    In similar discussions, I generally make the argument that Romney will be pretty conservative in his first term. He knows he is at least as distrusted as Bush 41 so he’d better toe the conservative line if he wants a second term.

    It is in a second Romney term that conservatives have good cause to fear he’ll go off the conservative reservation and revert to his Massachusetts ways. Particularly with court appointments.

  9. Yeah, but Drew… there is one thing that has been nagging me. I think all of us conservatives agree that at some point in the near future all of this profligate spending and run-away government control is going to catch up with us. I don’t know what form that will take –run-away inflation, war, mass municipal bankruptcies, increase in interest rates on federal borrowing… And do we really want a “moderate” republican in office when it happens?
    We don’t know how he’ll react. Probably the similarly to George Bush or Barack Obama. And if the next crash is as big as I think it can be, that be disastrous both economically and politically. It will not fix the underlying issue, but it will turn those low-information voters away from republicans (which is synonymous to them with conservatives) and toward liberals. We’re kind of seeing that happen with Obama now.

    With all that said, I will NOT vote for Obama — I will probably vote romney, but I havent ruled out just not voting.

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