There’s Nothing To Learn From The Aurora, CO Shooter

In the wake of a horrendous crime like that in Aurora, CO it’s inevitable some will use it as “a teachable moment” to push their pet cause. The simple fact is this is an isolate and rare even (which is part of why it’s so shocking in the first place).  It’s an unimaginable personal tragedy for those effected but it’s not illuminating on society at large.

Evil or sick people (or a combination of the two) have always existed and will always exist. This is simply reality. A gun may be their tool of choice (or not, Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a gun)  and a movie may be the excuse they give for their their evil but they would find another way or another excuse. Sick and/or evil people always do.

As for the people who want to make this into a crusade against guns, if you really want to do something about death caused by a tool used improperly, spend time on “Car Control” laws. Far more people die every year in car crashes (32,310)  than by gunshot (12,179)

So spare me the calls for stricter gun laws or placing the blame on movies. We can’t childproof the world as if it were a living room and each of us no more than a helpless toddler. Nor should we try to. Bad things can and do happen every day. It’s life.

What we can learn from this senseless carnage is that there are heroes all around us and people we cross paths with on a daily basis lead quite but extraordinary lives.

What we are reminded of is no one is promised tomorrow. It’s a scary truth that for most of our lives lurks in the background because if we thought about it all the time, we’d probably not be able to function in our daily lives. Some might be inspired but many would be paralyzed.

So some will use this terrible night to further their own pet causes, some will have had their lives torn to pieces never to be the same again and the vast majority of us will focus on it for a day or two and then go about our lives. It may sound cold but that’s as it should be. It’s how we are built, it’s how we cope. Any attempts to make something bigger out of it for people not directly affected is simply using the pain of people who are directly involved and it’s disgusting.


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  1. Said something similar myself. It sounds cold-hearted, but we really would be a healthier society if, politically, we simply said that “sometimes these things happen”. (The way you personally respond is another matter.)

  2. I’ve had a firm rule all my life, which is to be someplace else when bad things happen.

    It’s worked for me!!

  3. A-freakin-men. Disgusting is putting it mildly.

  4. There’s a link to this piece in the sidebar at AoSHQ. And while you have it right over here, over there it says Aurora, CA shooter instead of CO.

  5. Absolutely true. People can pontificate until they’re blue in the face, but it just remains that evil people do evil things. To try to blame events such as this on anything other than the perpetrator is ridiculous.

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