The Unraveling Of The “Reality Based Community” Continues Apace

Over at Greg “He’ll Print Anything Media Matters Sends Him” Sargent’s blog once of his co-bloggers wrote a post entitled “Don’t give in to the jobs report blues“. I retweeted his link to it with the snark, “Libs: Let a smile be your umbrella”.

Judging by Greg’s response, it just might have hit a nerve.

It’s customary to conceal your excitement about bad news for the country and continued economic misery for fellow Americans

So now pointing out that liberals are lamely trying to cheer themselves up in the face of the disaster they have created is being excited about that disaster? Ok Greg.

Maybe Media Matters can get him some better talking points soon. I think anyone who looked at today’s news and wrote that maybe, just maybe there’s a possible “silver lining” and this month is just “a statistical anomaly” deserves to be mocked. Also, unlike Greg’s co-blogger, I don’t think the big take away items from today’s jobs report is “at least there’s nothing here to change the entire trajectory of the campaign.” against Obama. Well thank God for that, right?

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting about a Twitter pissing match but I think it shows you how desperate the Democrats are. They can’t talk about their policies so they’ll just ignore the damage they’ve created.

Sure Obama is losing Bill Clinton but he’ll always have Greg Sargent.

Obama is quickly getting down to his hardcore dead-enders. It’s not going to be pretty.


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  1. We’re not mocking them because we are reveling in the jobs numbers. We are ANGRY. Because everything we warned about has come to pass. Gah. What a dishonest piece of shit that guy is.

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